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JUL 2018

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LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 7.18 85 "Two whiskey-gingers, please." "You want ginger ale or ginger beer?" The woman order- ing looks over her shoulder to check with her friend. "Ginger ale." The bartender sets up two plastic cups and swings a stream of whiskey back and forth, one cup to the other, spilling it in the space between, until both of them are a good 80-percent full. Then he tops them off with a fizzy sip of ginger ale. "We're going heavy tonight," the bartender says on this spring eve- ning, string lights a dull halo above him. "We've got a lot of booze to get through." It's 11 p.m., the Cure Lounge's last night before closing for good, and the Schnitzelburg bar is full of a veritable census record. There's an old man with a Wilford Brimley moustache, two CW sitcoms' worth of beautiful young people, representatives of every letter in the LGBTQ acronym, white folks and black folks and brown folks (though it's mostly white) and at least one reveler of the non-hu- man variety — Morrissey, the Russian Blue cat who struts along the bar, his tail a smoky question mark, utterly unperturbed by the crowd and what sounds like Jawbreaker blasting in the next room. Tonight is emo night, a pity party and a pawty pawty, the tragic conclusion and the last hurrah. Up front's all #getsad songs; the theme in back is "spring break," all foot-moving throwbacks. Owner Alison Freels is getting ready to go on a beer run. These walls, striped like Beetle- juice's suit, have seen drag shows, circus acts, haunted houses, some- thing called "blood wrestling," arm wrestling, rap battles, karaoke, bazaars and damn near everything else you could imagine. Freels didn't want it to end, but she's holding it together to- night, even if some of the folks coming up to her aren't. She's got too much to do to let their tears be contagious. There's been some not-so-positive back-and-forth between her and the building owners — she tells me she was contacted by a lawyer — and she hadn't expected to be out the door so soon. Already rumors are circulating among the crowd. "It's going to be a Walgreens," someone says. For now, members of the lovingly titled "Curemmunity" can only dream about whatever Freels does next. But she says there will be a next. "It's going to be a little while," she says, "but I can't just walk away from this. I've been bartending over 20 years. It's in me. It's just what I do." — Dylon Jones shop (976 Barret Ave.) / Quills Coffee and Steel City Pops have a joint operation in St. Mathews (117 St. Matthews Ave.) / Travel Channel food personality Andrew Zimmern was spotted last month filming at Red Hog (2622 Frankfort Ave.). NIBBLES DIVE BAR DIARY Sarah Height is director of the 25,000-square-foot Logan Street Market, which is scheduled to open this fall in Shelby Park and will feature food stalls, a beer garden, an event stage and more. Favorite hole-in-the-wall? "T. Eddie's Bar & Grill in Shelby Park." Best place to eat after midnight in Louisville? "The Back Door, obviously." What'd you eat for breakfast today? "Volcano crêpe — turkey, spicy cream cheese, onions and Peppadew peppers, topped with hot sauce and black sea salt — at Safai Coffee in the Highlands." What'd you eat for dinner last night? "Kashmir for Indian food. Saag with tons of chutney." What's in your freezer? "Mint chocolate-chip ice cream and Kentucky Proud berries." Ingredient you use more than any other? "Butter." Where are you a regular? "Caponata at the Come Back Inn." What Louisville dish have you eaten more than any other? "Bourbon." What closed Louisville restaurant do you miss the most? "Ghyslain was great for a working lunch." What's always in your refrigerator? "La Croix in grapefruit and Key lime flavors." What's on your weekly grocery list? "All of the vegetables." Favorite cereal? "Oatmeal Squares." The first thing you see when you open your refrigerator? "Pickles." Last drink you had? "Bravazzi, Italian Hard Soda." First drink you ever had? "Beer. Camping out. Gross. But everybody really seemed to be having fun." Best-bang-for-your-buck bar? "Old Hickory Inn in Germantown." Biggest drinking pet peeve? "Expensive cocktails." Hangover cure? "Aspirin, sweat, CBD, smoothie." Favorite snack? "Popcorn. I pop it over the stovetop and have several different 'recipes,' but my favorite is far too much butter, nutritional yeast, Spike seasoning, Parmesan cheese and black pepper." If you were a vegetable, what would you be? "Onion. They are great in every different form and fashion." If you were a fruit, what would you be? "Granny Smith apple. Tart with a great shelf life." Saying goodbye to the Cure Lounge

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