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JUL 2018

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bourbonmixer.com 100 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 7.18 EVICTED IN LOUISVILLE Continued from page 73 For advertising information, call 625-0100 or email advertising@loumag.com PUBLISHING SEPTEMBER 2018 resident often loses their home that they own." (Some states have strengthened pro- tections for trailer-park residents, restrict- ing grounds for evictions, but Kentucky's protections are weak.) Later, Eckhart will admit his outburst wasn't wise. But in the moment, he was sure he'd lose everything. His 25-year- old trailer would be too costly to move and many trailer parks won't even accept older manufactured homes. "It's just a kick in the nuts, speaking frankly," he says later. In the weeks following the eviction, Eckart manages to sell his trailer home to a young couple. And he eventually winds up living at his girlfriend's home. But for a few nights right after the eviction, with no place to go, he slept in his truck. On a warm spring morning, two sheriff SUVs park in front of a cluster of brick apartment buildings in south Louisville. e renter, a young Af- rican-American woman, hastily piles bins and bags into her friend's bronze Chevy sedan. e woman scowls. Not a word for the deputies who walk through her open front door. e landlord, Broadway Management, is a frequent evictor, with a seasoned crew of five men who pull belongings curbside. (Deputies don't touch property. It's up to landlords to provide a crew and someone who can change the locks. Deputies keep the peace.) One of the crewmembers steps in the cluttered apartment. "You knew we were coming," he says, slightly exasperated, to the renter. More hauling work for him and the crew. e woman doesn't respond and soon disappears with her friend. Garbage bags flap open, clothes and high heels are tossed in. A couch, then a bed, get carried out. A framed Marilyn Monroe print travels outdoors. Drawers are thrown from a dresser onto the floor. "Hey, take it easy!" a deputy calls to the

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