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gocards.com/fbtickets 98 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 7.18 "I just always felt they were one of the top three or four bands in the city, alongside MMJ, Will Oldham and Cheyenne Mize. I really thought they were going to take off." Carney, who turns 40 in October, gets asked regularly why Wax Fang isn't more famous than they are. "at's the way the cookie crumbled," Carney says. "Not everyone gets as lucky as My Morning Jacket or U2 or the Foo Fighters or the Rolling Stones. Not everyone gets there, but that doesn't mean that we're less of a band or less successful." He says that he plays the lottery from time to time. "I always attest that I don't need the jackpot. Just give me a little to fund whatever projects I have, and I'll take care of the rest. I don't have these illustrious dreams of living in a mansion in L.A. or New York. My idea of success has always been to have the tools and resources to do what I need to do and an audience who appreciates it. I feel pretty comfortable where I'm at. I'm not going to retire early, but if I'm really lucky, I'll be able to continue doing this until I decide not to or I die." Onstage at the Empty Bottle, Carney slumps over his guitar, rocking the end- ing solo of the nearly 17-minute song "e Astronaut, Pt. 1." His loose hair swings in front of his face, a motion he once aimed to control with a white sweatband so he could see his fingers on the guitar frets. e crowd claps and hollers. Carney smiles, widening his eyes like a cartoon character. Someone yells, "Holy shit! at was awesome!" "at was delightful," Carney says in a playful tone. "Should we play more songs? We were going to stop there, but we can do a few more." e crowd cheers. "Do you guys want me to hobble offstage, then you guys cheer and I'll hobble back? Or can we just skip that whole part?" A fan yells for the song "Can You See the Light" off La La Land. "Oh, we've never played that one with this group," Carney says, referencing Wax Fang's current lineup. "I probably couldn't remem- ber it honestly." He lets out a laugh. "Next time we'll put it on the list." Carney strums his guitar and starts to play "Der Conver- sationaliste," the song about loneliness and being stuck that he wrote in Pittsburgh more than a decade ago. After the show, Carney is happy to spend an hour talking with fans and signing a cou- ple copies of e Astronaut. "We don't make music for mass appeal, so the fact that I found an audience is something I'm grateful for," he says. "I'm happy to play the songs they want to hear, as long as I get to tickle my own fancy and play new stuff too." e band finishes loading everything into the van after 1 a.m. It's an hour drive to the Best Western in Gary, Indiana.

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