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nawbokentucky.org LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 3.17 39 Stuart told me that Euan's roommate had found him last night. He had died from an overdose. "He's dead, Charlie." Stuart's voice cracked. "Our friend is dead." e Saturday before Euan died, his roommate and a friend visiting Euan from Detroit dropped him off at work after go- ing to lunch. at was the last time either of them saw him alive. ey were supposed to hang out after Euan was off that night, but they couldn't get a hold of him. By Sunday morning, Euan still wasn't answering his phone. By Sunday night, his door was locked. ey knocked a few times. No answer. "What was weird is that he never locked the door," John told me. "Most of the time he left it open, even when he was sleeping in there." On Monday morning, the door was still locked and Euan still wasn't answering his phone. "We figured that he had stopped by the house, changed clothes, and he was hanging out shacked up with a girl for the weekend and accidentally locked the door behind him when he left," John said. But by that afternoon they went upstairs and jimmied the door open with a knife. Euan had fallen out of one of the chairs in the front of the room onto the floor. His face was blue. ere was a puddle of blood around his head, and black liquid around his mouth. Mhairi and her mom drove to Euan's apartment. "I didn't go upstairs, where he was at," Mhairi said. "It really didn't hit me until they brought in the stretcher, and that's when I lost it. "ey were taking him downstairs, but carelessly, because they put his blanket and pillow on the stretcher, but the pillow fell on the floor, and then I ran over to it, grabbed it, kissed it — because I knew that was where his head should be lying." Euan's death certificate stated that he died on July 11, but his mother believes that he died the night before, because when the coroner examined him, his body was already cold, even though it was summer- time and the air conditioning was not turned on. e toxicology report deter- mined that fentanyl — an opioid much more powerful than heroin, the one that has cursed the city recently — killed Euan. e medics asked Mhairi and her mom to wait outside. ey were sitting on the sidewalk when the stretcher came out. Euan lay atop it, zipped up in a body bag. "He was just there by himself, and by the lamp of the street I could still make out his silhouette," Mhairi said. Whether Euan knew that he was using fentanyl is unclear. After the ambulance took his body away, his mom went through

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