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MAR 2017

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nulubockfest.com 38 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 3.17 "Yeah?" I said. "You don't like 1860?" "No, it's not that. I need to stop bar- tending," he said. "Most bartenders are dead by 44." I looked at him. He was 36. "For- ty-four?" I said. "Yeah, man. You don't see a lot of old bartenders, you know what I'm saying?" He looked toward the gathering traffic of Bardstown Road. "If I don't get a new job, I'm going to die," he said, "I'm going to die soon." I was too dumb to hear the plea inside what he was really saying, and, as the cab pulled up, I tossed back some flippant answer like, "No, man, you'll get another job." Stuart was now the sous chef at Bistro 301, and at Euan's place he doused a pan in butter and switched the stovetop flames on high. "Let me tell you how to make as- paragus," Stuart said. "You go to the store, you pick up a steak and asparagus. You go home, then you throw your asparagus in the trash and you eat your steak like a man." e steaks sizzled as Stuart dropped them in the pan, shooting up curlicues of smoke. e air was rich with frying grease and fat. Euan poured neat whiskey for me and we sat at the bar as his roommate crossed through the kitchen. "Have you all met?" Euan said. "John, this is one of my good friends — Charliebow." John and I said hello, for the second time; I remembered that night when I found Euan upstairs. Once more, dread spiked my chest. But Euan aimed his warm, edgewise smile at me, and I smiled, too. "You know we're going to be hanging out a lot this summer, right?" he said. "I know." I lifted my glass. "My man." I was at a new job a couple of months later, on Tuesday, July 12, 2016, when an old colleague from Bistro 301 texted me. Very awful news to tell you but Euan Watson passed away last night. I drove straight to the restaurant. Inside, people were eating, clinking wineglasses. I sat at the bar. I think I asked for a beer. I wasn't breathing right. Along the ceiling molding hung a picture of Euan taken 10 years earlier, washing dishes in the sinks under the bar. Turned to the camera, he was smiling. Stuart stepped down into the lounge with his arms outstretched, and we gripped each other. "C'mon," he said, and we left through the side door. e sun pounded ird Street. Heat slicked the asphalt. Everything shimmered with pain. We stared at each other. I asked what happened. $ 4 . 7 0 The City's Definitive Guide To Food & Drink 2016-2017 VOLUME 20 Look for Eats at upcoming tasting events. For more info email advertising@loumag.com or call 625-0100.

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