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nanzkra.com springhurstdentistry.com LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 3.17 35 'Ville. Take one bad batch, and your card's punched." He rubbed his hand over his stubble, which had grown out like crystal- line shards. "He's out there in the wind." Fear clawed at my chest. "What can we do?" "Nothing to do." Stuart smoked. "Say a prayer." Euan's mom would later tell me about how, in September 2015, Euan decided to detox from heroin at her house. "It was horrible," she said. "He couldn't sleep. He couldn't eat. He would vomit. He would have diarrhea. His muscles were like iron. It was really a very bad three days, at least, that he got no peace at all, but he went through all of it." "He told me everything in his body hurt, even his toes," Mhairi said. "But he wanted to kick it." Despite how close Euan was to his family, even they didn't know much about that part of his life. His brother Andrew believes that Euan may have started using heroin because he had been on pills and his supply dried up. Andrew pieced together that, by the time he detoxed, Euan had been using heroin daily for a year solid. "He just had that personality," Andrew said. "Whenever you saw Euan, he was on top of the world. He just liked getting high." Euan stayed with his mother off and on until Christmas. "I thought: Euan is going to have to change his lifestyle. Because his friends have grown up, taken on responsi- bilities," his mom said. "I was so proud of him that he had kicked heroin, because I had no idea." I worked through that summer at Bistro 301 and left for London again in the fall. Once more, we had a going-away party at Bearno's. Euan was there. He liked 1860, he said, and he looked good. e night ended at an apartment, and at some point we were seated around a table. We had been drinking, and things were hazy, but friends visiting me from out of town later told me they remembered someone lifting syringes out of a Kroger bag and arrang- ing them side by side on the table. So my friends and I called a cab, and we went home. I finished up my last year in England and flew back to Louisville and moved in with my parents. For her birthday, my mom wanted to go out to eat, and I sug- gested Bistro 1860. Euan was working that night. We hadn't seen each other for more than a year, but when I walked in, it was like we had closed down a shift the night before. I had been overseas so much since I met him that,

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