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MAR 2017

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32 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 3.17 Closing Time Writer Charles Wolford recounts a friend's struggles with heroin. "Where you all from?" Euan said to the three men sitting at the bar. "Lexington," one of them said. "Spitting distance." "Get you anything?" "How's the bourbon?" Euan grinned. "Worth a shot." is was the first night I bartended at Bistro 301 downtown on ird and Market — or at any restaurant — and I was shadowing Euan Watson, the bar manager. Pretty soon the three men figured out that it was my first night, and the one who seemed the most buzzed kept saying, "How about let the new guy do something? Teach him how to make a shot!" Euan's chestnut beard was shaved close to his face, and his hair cascaded around his ears so that, with aviators on, he might resemble Peter Fonda in Easy Rider. Dressed in corduroys, a black tie and a red vest, Euan had rolled his sleeves up his arms, as if tending bar was not his job — it was his art. "You know how to mix a drink?" Euan asked me. I shook my head. Take a shaker, mea- sure out what you want, he said — raising bottles above his head that arced liquid into the shaker, without measuring — and slap a rocks glass over it. Holding it next to his ear, Euan shook it, then tilted the rocks glass askew by clinking it on the bar and tipped the shaker above three shot glasses lined up in front of the men. None of it spilled, and into the last shot glass dripped the last ounce of liquor. He switched his wrist so the ice in the shaker crashed into the sink. en he flipped it in the air. "You try." Euan poured liquor into the shaker again, and I whacked the rocks glass onto it and cradled it in a seesawing motion near my ear. "C'mon! Shake it to wake it!" Euan said. "Don't be shy — your mother wasn't!" So I swung the shaker back and forth as hard as I could and the rocks glass ejected like a piston, crashing through wineglasses MEMOIR Euan Watson

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