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16 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 3.17 Plus 8 More Mike Rutherford 21 QUESTIONS Illustration by Kendall Regan Earliest childhood memory? "We went across the street for a Super Bowl party in 1988, the year Washington played Denver. I was rooting for the Broncos because their uniforms looked like Hawaiian Punch." What song has been stuck in your head lately? "'Same Drugs' by Chance the Rapper. It's not about drugs though. In case my grandmother's reading this." If you could be mayor of Louisville for a day, what would you do? "Very few sane people want to be elected officials, but Greg Fischer is one of them. He's actually the first candidate I ever donated any amount of money to. So I'd probably order the construction of some sort of statue of me, give myself free Wick's Pizza for life and then hand the reins back to him." The weirdest place somebody has recognized you in public? "At Christmas Eve Mass a couple years ago a guy shook my hand during the sign of peace and just said, 'Go Cats.' It was highly inappropriate, but it's cool because the guy's probably not going to get into heaven now." How far will U of L and UK make it in the NCAA Tournament this year? "It's a tough question to answer because success in the tournament is based so much on matchups and luck, but I'll say that I feel pretty confident Louisville will be playing basketball in March longer than Kentucky will," says Mike Rutherford, the 32-year-old sportswriter (Card Chronicle, SB Nation)/editor/radio show host/self-proclaimed Saved by the Bell expert. He lives in St. Matthews. Your most noঞceable quirk? "I sing songs around the house and insert my dog's name into the lyrics. " Favorite possession? "My wife. I jokingly told her I was going to put her down as the answer for this and her response was awww, so now it's staying in." What's your favorite thing hanging on the walls of your home? "My grandfather was John Ed Pearce, who was a well-known Courier-Journal columnist for a long time. An artist made a very cool print of him that's hanging in our hallway." What's on your nightstand? "A lamp, a half-broken digital clock that my brother gave me like 25 years ago, a small silver cross that I've kept by my bed since I was a kid, and a half-full cup of water." What brings you the greatest joy? "Experiencing something that changes my life for the better with a person or a group of people that I love." What are you wearing right now? "The blogger's uniform: pajama pants and a long-sleeve T-shirt. They send you one the first time you write a post that does 200 page views." What Louisville dish have you eaten more than any other? "There are very few establishments in the city that serve a Hot Brown I haven't tried. BBC's is surprisingly good. People might want to write it off because it's a brewery Hot Brown, but I have no doubt that it would do extremely well in a blind taste test." What should every person try once? "Getting out of their own skin and seeing the world through someone else's eyes. Nah, just kidding: meth." Favorite Kentucky Derby winner? "Thunder Gulch. I had tabbed him as my pick for almost a year before the race and had told everyone I knew about him. People thought I was some sort of 10-year-old handicapping savant. I think I've picked two winners since." What supersঞঞon do you believe in? "I eat Starburst jellybeans every March during Louisville's NCAA Tournament games." What's your favorite movie scene? "There's a scene in the documentary Hoop Dreams where William Gates is nearing the end of his high school career. He talks about how he doesn't dream about the NBA that much anymore and says: That's why when somebody say, 'When you get to the NBA, don't forget about me,' and all that stuff, well, I should've said to them, 'If I don't make it, don't you forget about me.' It gets me every time. You should watch Hoop Dreams." Least-favorite word? "Fiance. Anyone who has been engaged knows what I'm talking about. Every time you say the word you feel like the person you're talking to is thinking that you're either bragging or begging for a congratulations." What's something you wish you had known when you were younger? "If you drink enough bourbon to kill a small horse one night when you're 19, it might ruin the brown water for you forever." What interested you as a kid? "Sports, sports video games, the WWF. And the Eazy-E lyrics my older brothers taught me, which got me sent to my mom's office at preschool once. I still know the verse." What's something unexpected you love in Louisville? "That it takes the best aspects of the North and the best aspects of the South and throws away the stuff that bothers each region about the other. The rest of the country should follow suit." What do you collect? "Coffee mugs. My two favorites are one that says 'I'd Rather Be Listening to Grammy-Award Winning 1999 Hit Smooth By Santana Feat. Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty' and another with a quote from the animated show Rick and Morty: 'Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's going to die, come watch TV.'" If you could write it yourself, what would your headstone say? "He died the way everyone knew he would: Saving the entire planet from a nuclear holocaust." Favorite album? "Outkast's Aquemini or Ryan Adams' Heartbreaker. Don't make me choose." Your drink? "3 Floyds beer." Best book you've read over the past year? "The Brothers K by David James Duncan. I actually re-read it. It's my favorite book." One thing Louisville is missing? "A light-rail system." What word do you overuse? "Massive. Good word though." What triggers your "aha!" moment? "Silence." What are your vices? "Candy, curse words, UK sports Schaden- freude, cartoons on Adult Swim." When out-of-town guests visit Louisville, what three things do they have to do? "A U of L sporting event, a local restaurant and a Heavy Hitter commercial."

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