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MAR 2017

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108 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 3.17 BOARD BACK Party Fowl "I went down to the post office and picked up this little chirping box of peeps," Anessa Arehart says. Since receiving her chickens in the mail a year and a half ago, she has discovered that they can be good pets. She has even taught a couple of them how to hug. "Valerie is probably the most like me," Arehart says. "She does her own thing. She's usually late." A few years ago, Arehart and her husband Beau moved from Louisville to Harrodsburg, Kentucky, where they live on a farm called Little Wing Hollow. "We don't have a television, so my entertainment is walking around the farm and hanging out with the animals," says Arehart, who works as an artist painting portraits of people, dogs and "nature goddesses." She took these lively, rustic pictures of her chickens with her phone. While the eight chickens are certainly lovable creatures, and they lay more than a dozen eggs a day during the summer, one of them is a little more valuable than the rest. Madame Curie got her name from being a little too curious. (Arehart is holding Madame Curie in the photo.) "When she was a little chick, she was always checking me out, very interested in what I was wearing. One day, she hopped up onto my lap, reached up and plucked a diamond earring right out of my ear!" Arehart says. Madame Curie never passed the earring. Arehart thinks it's probably still lodged in her gizzard. "My friends told me to kill her," Arehart says. "But I have a heart. I chose the life of a chicken over a diamond earring." — Thomas Elmallakh

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