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LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 12.16 71 REGULAR NIBBLES LEGEND A NAME? WHAT'S IN Col. Bill Newsom's Aged Country Ham, in Princeton, Kentucky, turns 100 on Jan. 1. Newsom's ships hams all over the world, and in Louisville you can get it at Seviche, the Oakroom, Garage Bar and Lilly's. "The 'preacher' ham is moist and sweet," Lilly's owner Kathy Cary says. "I love the smokiness, the texture. And it's not too dry." Nancy Newsom Mahaffey, aka "the Ham Lady," runs the small business, curing the hams just like her grandfather, H.C. Newsom, did a century ago. "I love the history," Cary says. "The quality really speaks volumes about Nancy's passion and care." — KV Leslie Wilson is co-owner of Hi-Five Doughnuts, the food truck with a new Butchertown storefront (1011 E. Main St.) that should be open by the time you read this. What's a good hole-in-the-wall restaurant? "There is a great little Cuban restaurant in the South End on Woodlawn Avenue — I don't even know the name. Blink and you'll miss it. The inside is a little sketchy, but they have great Cubanos." What did you eat for breakfast today? "I live on Fox Hollow Farm, and breakfast is my favorite meal. Today I had a slice of toast with an egg and homemade jelly." What did you eat for dinner last night? "My boyfriend is a farmer/chef — @Duckduckbeetfarms, SCORE! — so our meals are the best. Last night for dinner I had apple-cider-glazed pork shoulder with freshly harvested carrots." What's in your freezer right now? "Homemade soups, tater tots, popsicles, a pint of Louisville Cream (any flavor)." Where are you a regular? "Crave on Frankfort Avenue. I get the egg salad sandwich with light mayo and chips. I LOVE the sweet pickle relish." What Louisville dish have you eaten more than any other? "Kashmir buffet, hands down. Their chai tea is my jam. I wonder if they would sell me a gallon…." What closed Louisville restaurant do you miss the most? "Baxter Station, where I worked for six years and met some of my closest friends — including Annie Harlow, the other half of Hi-Five Doughnuts. Baxter Station was an institution in its heyday. The Pappy flowed like a river back then, and I sure did like to drown in it." What's always in your refrigerator? "Kombucha." What's on your weekly grocery list? "Grapefruit juice and bananas." Favorite cereal? "Raisin Bran. Boring, I know, but I grew up eating it, so it's all about nostalgia. I add bananas and walnuts, just like my Pops taught me." Last drink you had? "The last drink I had was Derby 2012. Bourbon on the rocks, I think. I had lots of bourbon that day." If you were a vegetable, what would you be? "A chile. Small and spicy, just like me. Also, they grow in the middle of summer, and I love the heat. I do NOT like being cold, so I would never be a Brussels sprout. OH, KALE NO!" If you were a fruit, what would you be? "A cantaloupe. It's my favorite fruit EVER. I love how unappealing it is on the outside, with such a delicious treat on the inside — basically nature's way of teaching us not to judge something from the outside." A kitchen tool you couldn't live without? "A spatula. I think it is due to my OCD. I have to get every last drop. 'Waste not, want not' — a motto I live by." Favorite snack? "So I'm about to tell y'all a big secret: My favorite snack — no joke — is Hostess Donettes. I am obsessed with them. After being on the truck and making doughnuts all day, sometimes I will stop on my way home and get some chocolate Donettes." Cameron Wolz lives near Cumberland Brews (1576 Bardstown Road) and for the past year has walked to the dimly lit pub, where he sits at the bar and orders his go-to meal: the Frisbee of a buffalo chicken sandwich and a pint of red ale. "They have such a unique beer selection, so some- times I try to get others, but I mostly just stick to my usual," he says. "I'm a creature of habit." — Kelly Veer Eiderdown in Germantown specializes in Europe- an-style comfort food and unusual names for dishes. The Miller's High Life is johnnycakes, naan, shiitake mushrooms, wilted spinach, roasted garlic and Sambuca cream. "Before I had a chance to try the dish, I thought the presence of (both breads) should be exaggerated in the title," owner James Gunnoe says. (A miller operates a grain mill.) He says the Sambuca cream can lead to "overindulging" and "an elevated state of consciousness — or 'high life.'" — Kaঞe Molck Illustration by Kendall Regan

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