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54 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 12.16 them for not allowing them to discrimi- nate," Helton said. "It's a clear violation of the separation between church and state." "People talk about the separation of church and state — there's really no such phrase in the Constitution," Ken Ham told me. "e Constitution and the First Amendment talk about the free exercise of religion, and what these secular groups are trying to do is eliminate Christianity from the public sector and the public schools." A federal judge sided with Answers in Genesis. By then, Kentucky had a new Republican governor, Matt Bevin, who announced that his office would not appeal the decision. I wandered into an exhibit dedi- cated to the day-to-day practicality of running the Ark. Posters explained "Manageable Workloads" ("Each family member would have been responsible for an average of about 850 animals"); or "Smart Feeders" ("Food and water systems could have been used to contain several days' worth of nourishment, al- lowing creatures to eat and drink when- ever they wanted"); or "Waste Removal" ("Liquid waste could be drained away by a gutter system leading to an Ark-wide liquid waste reservoir"). is last point I didn't understand, un- til I came to the end of a hallway, packed with children standing next to their par- ents, all watching a TV that showed how the Ark's waste-disposal system worked: On an upper level, a man in a blue toga resembling a figure in an Etruscan frieze — one of Noah's sons, I sup- posed — tipped over a wheelbarrow of dung, which tumbled down a tube and splattered into a pile that another Etruscan-esque figure shoveled into a huge, pulley-powered hamster-wheel, upon which an elephant plodded. e waste dumped into a chute that emptied into what Patrick Marsh told me was the "moon pool" — a chamber in the bot- tom center of a ship that allows seawater in, rising and lowing with waves without flooding the hull. e TV picture shifted to vats built in the roof of the Ark that collected rainwater. Another of Noah's "People talk about the separation of church and state," says Ken Ham. "ere's really no such phrase in the Constitution." me that Answers in Genesis had built the attraction "around a story about incest and mass genocide. We're teaching kids that God murdered everyone, and this is the second time the Earth was populated through incest. It's highly immoral." Other groups have leveled criticism at the Ark practically since its inception. A few years ago, Answers in Genesis applied for tax rebates through the Kentucky Department of Travel and Tourism, then under Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear. State officials were ready to grant the ministry $18 million in incentives, but withdrew after learning that a job posting on Answers in Genesis' website required applicants to sign a "Statement of Faith," "Salvation Testi- mony" and "Creation Statement Belief." Answers in Genesis filed a suit, claiming that the ministerial exception of the 1964 Civil Rights Act permitted them to hire based on religious preference. "ey sued the state for discriminating against

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