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36 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 1.17 Ken Combs Running Store offers advice on when to replace running/walking shoes When is it time to replace your running or walking shoes? While the general rule is every 500 miles, that can be hard to track, especially if you're doing cross training or wearing daily. If you only use your shoes for running and you only have one pair, then you can fairly easily estimate when to replace. Ken Combs Running Store's Larry Holt offers up a couple simple replacement strategies: "If you run 20 miles per week, replace your shoes twice per year. If you walk 10 miles per week then most likely you can continue wearing for a year or more." Holt suggests replacing your shoes near earmark events like birthday, Christmas or Derby to make replacement easier to remember. In addition to carrying all major brands of running and walking shoes, Ken Combs Running Store sells athletic apparel, electronics and nutrition products. For more information, call Ken Combs Running Store at 502.895.3410 or visit kencombsrunningstore.com. Baptist Health Offers Non-Surgical Solutions to Assist Patients in Losing and Maintaining Weight Obesity is a major health problem worldwide, and affects millions of Americans. Morbidly obese patients die ten to 15 years earlier than normal weight patients accounting for more than 300,000 deaths per year. Obesity can cause many diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep apnea, and even liver disease. Obesity affects the entire body and despite common misperceptions it is a disease. Baptist Health offers many different options for people wanting to lose weight and get healthier. One of the newest options in the past year is the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved ORBERA™ to assist adult patients suffering from obesity – with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 to 40 – in losing and maintaining weight. ORBERA™ is a safe and effective weight loss solution with 20 years of global experience and real world results. John S. Oldham, MD., medical director of Baptist Health Weight Loss was the first physician in the Louisville area to perform this procedure. "The new procedure is done endoscopically, so there's no surgery or incisions. The balloon is placed into the stomach then is filled with saline, giving the patient a feeling of fullness and satiety," explained Dr. Oldham. "And, it's part of a whole, comprehensive program where they're seeing a dietician, doing monthly follow-ups so they can maintain the weight loss. It's amazing to see patients come back in when they're making these healthy changes that they couldn't do before. Their energy level is just unbelievable. It's life changing." The ORBERA™ balloon is part of the ORBERA™ Managed Weight Loss System, a comprehensive, non-surgical two-part program that includes a balloon filling space in a patient's stomach to reinforce proper portion control. Data on ORBERA™ collected in the U.S. clinical trial has shown that the average person lost 3.1 times the weight as compared with diet and exercise alone within six months. Baptist Health recognizes that obesity is a chronic disease and we are pleased to be able to offer new solutions, like ORBERA™, to help transform the lives of patients before their disease progresses and requires more invasive treatment. For additional information regarding weight loss options at Baptist Health and Dr. Oldham, visit www.BaptistHealthWeightloss.com Special Advertising Section

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