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16 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 12.16 THE BIT HAIKU REVIEW CITY IN A SENTENCE OVERHEARD Plus 8 More Describe the space you're in right now. "I'm in the bathroom, sitting with my laptop on the floor. It's the only place I can truly hide from my husband and son." Earliest childhood memory? "I remember being 2-ish and seeing Annie for the first time at Derby Dinner Playhouse and being enthralled. To this day, it's my favorite show. My mom bought special tickets that let me meet the actress who played Annie. When we got backstage after the show, the actress had taken off her wig and I was DESTROYED. I screamed, 'That's not Annie!' and stormed out like a crazy person." Favorite album? "Madonna's Like a Prayer. I was that weird 8-year-old who sometimes went to school dressed like Madonna: leggings, crop top, just dripping in plastic jewelry. I worshipped her. I really should've been suspended." How'd you make your first dollar? "I taught modeling classes at Alix Adams in J-town. My specialty was children's photo posing. You're never too young to know your angles." When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up? "I think I wanted to do what I'm doing now — I just didn't know it was possible. I was obsessed Lydic, 35, is a correspondent on The Daily Show. She grew up in Louisville. Desi Lydic with old reruns of Carol Burnett, I Love Lucy, the women of SNL — the way they were able to get a laugh at their own expense but be in control of it. As a kid who was regularly picked on, that's an empowering thought." The weirdest place somebody has recognized you in public? "I had to see the doctor when I was home for the holidays a couple years ago. I was in my backless medical gown and as the lovely nurse checking my stats was finishing up, she leaned over to tell me how much she enjoyed the show I was working on at the time, Awkward — also the feeling I had when I remembered I wasn't wearing pants." Your most noঞceable quirk? "My husband likes to say I don't know how to run. I can TOTALLY run. But between my mild scoliosis and my knock knees, it just takes a little longer to perfect my form. I'm still working on it." The most unusual benefit of your job? "We have the most incredible cold-brew coffee on tap made by our artistic coordinator/ shooter/MacGyver extraordinaire, Justin Chabot. We've all grown to depend on it. When it runs dry, our office goes full Walking Dead." Your drink? "Bourbon: Woodford, Blanton's, Maker's — especially when I'm in the bathroom hiding from my husband and son." Favorite possession? "I have a little wooden doll necklace that I got from a family friend when I was 4 years old. For some odd reason, I named her 'Laugh-Laugh.' I used to wear her as Val on Awkward, and now she sits on my desk at The Daily Show. Laugh-Laugh goes with me from job to job. She's my good luck charm." What Louisville dish have you eaten more than any other? "Derby Pie. And it showed when I lived there." Secret talent? "I'm a very good suitcase packer. Sometimes I just like to practice, even if I'm not going anywhere." Have any taoos? "A Charlie Chaplin silhouette on the back of my neck and a tiny star on my forearm." Something you wish you had known when you were younger? "That I never really needed to wear that protective cord around my glasses to keep them on. I wasn't very active, so the odds of them falling off weren't great." The last thing you bought online? "A solar-powered, hand-crank radio/flashlight combo for weather emergencies. I will not be left behind." Fill in the blank: "_________ Louisville" should be the next banner on the side of a building. "Pronounce." What's on your nightstand? "A baby monitor and my birth- control pills." What are you wearing right now? "Shame on you." Least- favorite word? "Tremendous." What word do you overuse? "OK. It's a filler word. I have to stop." One thing Louisville is missing? "In-N-Out Burger." Can we stop talking about bridges now? L No! U of L remains without a president. When will enrollment drop? "Where can I buy that red blazer Lamar Jackson wore when he won his Heisman?" — at Wick's Pizza in the Highlands

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