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eyecareinstitute.com nanzkra.com LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 12.16 9 Illustration by Kendall Regan Most mornings, my cat jumps up onto my pillow to wake me up, and we take a few moments to cuddle and stare out the window together before I get out of bed. It was especially cathartic the morning of Nov. 9. Dylon Jones Senior editor If I don't need my brain for some more absorbing task, I open the spout and I pour stories in, morning to nightfall, nightfall to unconsciousness. As I cook. As I shop. As I walk the dog. As I lie down to nap. I've listened to audiobooks since the 1990s, but my listening went into hyperdrive when I began reviewing them for the Chicago Tribune in 2012. Then, they took over my life. Sometimes, just for a treat, I take out my headphones. It's an aural feast. I hear the lawnmower next door and follow its path back and forth on the neighbor's front lawn. I hear the metronomic tap of poodle toes on a wooden floor, the hesitant tick of the clock in my office, the computer hum. My inner voice, silent for so long, complains, Listen to me! Reflect! I wonder about the conversations I might have had if I turned off the voices I put in my head. Instead, I plug myself back in, listening for the narrator who can charm me. I listen to a few books over and over. Jane Austen's Persuasion, narrated by Juliet Stevenson, is a frequent companion. Often, I fall asleep with her whispering in my ear. Jenni Laidman Writer at large My days revolve around dog poop. There. I've said it. I have dogs that wake me up because they have to poop, require walks because, after dinner, they have to poop somewhere other than their own yard, must be let out at lunch because they might need to poop, and occasionally poop in the house if they sit silently by the door for too long. One dog, who shall remain nameless to protect her identity, happily trots through the neighborhood with a tennis ball in her mouth until she has to poop. Then she drops the ball. Which she retrieves after she poops, if she can find it. This leads to another balancing act that involves picking up the poop while the leashed dog frantically searches for the tennis ball. Once, she dropped the ball and it rolled down a hill into the middle of Grinstead Drive. Not gonna tell you how that turned out. Let's just say she is REALLY determined. Julie Crutcher Business manager

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