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50 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 11.16 VAANNILA ANNADURAI 17, senior, Manual High School Vaannila is working to build more effective vocational- skills programs for women. Her project earned her second place in the Women and Gender category at the 2016 MIT INSPIRE High School Research Competition. What are you working on? "The project was basically about finding the connection between gender equality and development in developing communities. So I did a lot of research on the way that women can be empowered, especially in African or Southeast Asian communities, and how the United States can use that to improve its own developmental-assistance programs. It's based on the community itself, but mainly directed toward women in poverty." Have you traveled to any of those places? "I have not, but I would love to. Maybe in college I'll study abroad." Have you come to any conclusions with your research? "The ultimate conclusion that I came up with in terms of finding a solution that the United States can incorporate for female empowerment in their own aid programs is to do workshops for local women by local women about how to best enter the workforce and things like that." What do you want to do for a career? "I think I want to be a lawyer eventually, but that's subject to change." DAVID MILLER 11, fifth grade, Bates Elementary In addition to running on his school's cross-country team, David regularly completes Louisville's Triple Crown of Running races. What happens at a cross-country meet? "We all line up at a starting line and there's sometimes different amounts of teams. The race yesterday had, I think, 31 teams. They blow a gun and then you run whatever distance it is. It's just timed running." Can you tell me about your fifth-place finish at the state championship? "It felt really good because I know state's the biggest meet I run. Well, second biggest (after regionals)." How do you balance school and sports? "I have cross-country the same days I have soccer, so sometimes I do homework driving from soccer to cross- country, and then I do the rest of it when I get home. What's your favorite soccer team? "Real Madrid. I went to a Louisville City game a couple weeks ago. It was really cool because I got to see a real pro soccer team play." What do you think makes someone a good runner? "I think just believing in yourself, and not looking around and getting nervous. You can sometimes just stretch and get emotionally prepared and just run your race."

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