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64 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 8.16 "Trinity's rapidly approaching two and a half years post-trans- plant, and she's still not been back to school," says Laura Goodson, Trinity's mother. "She doesn't go anywhere except the doctor." In the four years since Trinity's diagnosis of Hodgkin's lympho- ma in 2012, they've seen a floor nurse at Kosair Children's Hospital — the very first nurse who administered Trinity's chemotherapy — go through promotions; now she's the assistant nurse manager. Trinity hasn't been to school since Nov. 19, 2013. e only red flag was weight loss. Trinity lost four and a half pounds in about 10 days. She was sleepy and wheezy, but had been diagnosed as asthmatic in 2003. Days prior to the weight loss, she mentioned an achy shoulder. A 10-year- old with growing pains, her mother thought. On June 21, Trinity's grand- father, watching her for the day, told Goodson, "She's only had about three bites from an egg and cheese sandwich today." She'd only had about six ounces of water. Later that evening they drove her to an after-hours clinic near their home northwest of Louisville in Pekin, Indiana, run by doctors that Goodson, a nurse, worked with. ey first listened to her lungs, heard near silence on the left. Another red flag. "Why it never dawned on me to listen to her lung sounds I have no idea," Goodson says. A breathing treatment didn't solve anything. ey drove to Harrison County for chest X-rays. Goodson, who had sat with a heavy lead apron through many chest X-rays with Trinity, was pushed into a viewing room with her husband. e X-rays came up on the screen. "Anyone would have known something was wrong," Goodson says. e right lung was white. e left lung black. Back to the immedi- ate-care center. e doctor said, "I don't know what's going on with your child. I could waste time trying to figure it out, but she doesn't have the time to waste." "Can't we drive her down to Kosair?" her husband asked. "You don't understand," the doctor said. "She doesn't have 30 minutes to waste." Goodson packed clothes at home, kissed her other two children while her husband rode in an ambulance with Trinity to Kosair, where a chest CT revealed fluid and a mass. e fluid had deflated her left lung, moved her heart, pushed her diaphragm into her stomach. Excess fluid pooled around her heart and was starting to attack her right lung. Doctors drained 1,500 CCs for biopsy. Another 1,000 drained from a The patient: Trinity Goodson, 14 The procedure: bone-marrow transplant

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