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12 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 8.16 INTER-OFFICE MEMO I picked up this "Colonel's Tradition Map of Kentucky" tray at an estate sale, and it immediately went up on my kitchen wall. It's missing the glass and has some smudges, but it combines my love of vintage charm and color with the awesomeness that is Kentucky. And the view "inside" Mammoth Cave, aka a black rectangle? Priceless. Rachael Sinclair Illustrator We got this fun 1970s illustration of Louisville from my grandmother. Aaron Hartley Editorial intern My dad made me a banjo one year for my birthday out of one of those tins that are stereotypically for button storage. He modified a wooden banister rail for the neck and put in actual frets and tuners. It does actually play, but I have it displayed in the living room with some custom ukulele wall mounts I bought on Etsy. Jenny Kiefer Editorial intern You never know when you're going to forget your phone and need a little entertainment while holding court in the bathroom. Kendall Regan Illustrator My friend Peggy won this at a Squallis Puppeteers art auction. We had both been eyeing the painting (by local artist Matt Dobson), but she had the funds. Peggy lived with it for a few months before deciding it was a bit too much, then gave it to me. For a while I hung her near the windows at the back of the house to scare away prowlers, but she recently moved to the most prominent place in the house. She has an expression rarely seen in women in effigy but often in actuality. Suki Anderson Art director These shelves are anchored to the wall, so technically that still counts. I look at the contents as one huge piece of art: There's a tiny vase that belonged to my great-great-grandmother, fortunes from cookies, an old camera collection, records, skulls…. Amber Estes Thieneman Circulation manager I got a shirt in the seventh grade that said "Margo is Awesome!" Before I went to college, my mom got that part of the shirt framed, and it's hanging in our basement now. It has a message I agree with. Margo Morton Editorial intern That's Corey Feldman as Teddy Duchamp in Stand by Me, ready to yell, "Traaaaaaaaaaaaaain!" Josh Moss Editor Maybe 25 years ago I bought an oversized oil knockoff of the Amedeo Modigliani painting Jeanne Hebuterne in a Large Hat (1918), which hangs above our bed's headboard. It's about 45 by 60 inches (the original was much smaller) and vivid with rusty-red and gold hues, the better to accentuate Hebuterne's empty eyes. Footnote: Inconsolable when Modigliani died in 1920, she threw herself out a fifth-floor window. Jack Welch Copy editor I'm in the post-taping- posters-to-walls/ pre-buying-oil-on- canvas-paintings stage of life, so this framed photograph I got at Charlotte's Web when I was in college doesn't have much competition. It's titled "Filson Autumn Gaze" and says on the back that Linda Sinclair captured it at the Filson Club on Nov. 20, 2004. When Jeff and I moved in together a few years back, he had these two towels hanging in the bathroom that matched the image, so I hung it right above. I guess I just like the balance it brings and how it reminds me what a perfect match my fiancé and I are. Mary Chellis Austin Deputy editor I won this large woodprint of an old 35mm camera in a giveaway. Aaron Kingsbury Photographer This squid. Traveling, finding your way, marking your accomplishments. Adam Mescan Photographer What's your favorite thing hanging on the walls at home?

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