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LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 7.16 89 NIBBLES ON THE WALL CABINET KITCHEN SECRET CHEF'S UP FED MILKWOOD HOT SAUCE by Edward Lee, $7 — Work the Metal Decades ago, a plan for downtown Fourth Street called for an elegant pedestrian-only promenade lined with trees, fowers, boutiques and cafes. Very European in favor and style. Instead we built Fourth Street Live, a forced spasm of "entertainment" and "dining" only a midsize city would accept. Over the last few years, the strip has been slowly detoxing from chain restaurants and cheesy bars. Is a total reinvention on the horizon? No, that's just spiky platinum- blond hair. In a few months, Guy Fieri, the missing link between Smash Mouth and the culinary arts, will open Guy Fieri's Smokehouse at Fourth Street Live. The host of Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives has a number of other restaurants, like Guy's American Kitchen & Bar in Times Square, which in 2012 earned a scathing (and hilarious) review in the New York Times for everything from cold, favorless food to inept service. But in a press conference, Fieri promised his Smokehouse will "rock the house," mentioning a "made-from-scratch" menu. Everyone deserves a chance, I suppose. Even this Guy. — Anne Marshall A night of beer drinking, an eBay search and a bid resulted in a decoration in the bar of Momma's Mustard, Pickles & BBQ in St. Matthews. The certifed Bob Ross landscape painting from 1985 depicts gray mountains hiding behind a line of forest-green trees. A small lake sits in the center of the frame, surrounded by a lush valley and barren creek bed. "Five minutes later I received a call from Minnesota congratulating me on my purchase, which had already been shipped," says owner Chad Cooley, who declined to disclose how much he paid for the painting. "It was both the stupidest and best thing I've ever purchased on eBay — and a quiet, Happy Tree kind of reminder of why I quit drinking." — Jenny Kiefer If a recipe calls for salt, chef Colter Hubsch of Buck's (in Old Louisville's Mayfower Apartments) often grabs soy sauce instead. "It gives dishes a rounder favor — that umami quality," he says. This trick works well for soups, meat dishes and sauces. Hubsch says avoid the soy sauce swap for all things creamy or sweet, so stick with that one teaspoon of salt in your chocolate chip cookies. Paul Haney owns Kentucky Kombucha. What did you eat for breakfast today? "Oatmeal, eggs, sautéed greens from the garden and toast with butter and jam. We kind of go heavy on breakfast." What did you eat for dinner last night? "Homemade veggie pizza." What ingredients do you use more than any other? "Kale, Swiss chard, collards — whatever we have growing." Where are you a regular? "The Grape Leaf. I always order the Mezza sampler (three of the following: hummus, baba ghanoush, grape leaves, avocado dip, fava bean dip, spanakopita)." What Louisville dish have you eaten more than any other? "A classic burger from Grind, no cheese. It's the burger that caused my wife to stop being a vegetarian." What closed Louisville restaurant do you miss the most? "Hillbilly Tea. Luckily, it just opened back up on Main Street." What's on your weekly grocery list? "Ginger, oats, bananas, bulk beans, rice, cheese, avocado, currants and cocoa powder. We like to get super-fresh bread, milk, meat and seasonal veggies and fruit at the farmers' market." Open your refrigerator. What's the frst thing you see? "Lots of sauce and beverage options. There's an array of hot sauces and Hot 2 Trot horseradish for my wife, chutneys for myself, lots of kombucha and other fermented experiments." A kitchen tool you couldn't live without? "Cuisinart food processor." Favorite snack? "Large amounts of cashews stay with me at all times. And coffee is a snack, right?" What's the frst drink you ever had? "I spent a summer during college in Wisconsin working on a farm and was introduced to Leinenkugel's. I can never fnd the original in Kentucky, so my in-laws are kind enough to stop at the Leinenkugel's brewery for me on their annual trip to Minnesota." What's in your freezer right now? "Lots of frozen fruit for my son. He has good taste and prefers wild blueberries or mangoes. We have been making ice cream and have a tub of strawberry and chocolate, along with some vegan chocolate. I have no idea what is below the ice cream and fruit." Photo by Aaron Kingsbury

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