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[ Feedback ] " MARCH 2012 TOP CHOSEN BY THEIR PEERS The Virgin Deerslayer Diaries JUDGES AND THE BALLOT BOX LOCAL. GONE. I really like some of the changes you all have been making in the magazine. The art and graphics look great, and the articles are interesting and with-it. $4.70 " FRESH. SOCIAL. How One Of The City's Best Restaurants Failed On the hunt Kudos to Zach Everson for his hunt- ing exploits ("Te Deerslayer," March 2012). Looks like he is getting in touch with his inner redneck. Embrace it, my friend. Nice wall hanger for a first time out. Tell Zach that Hannity comes on weeknights at 9 p.m. Craig Gardone Louisville Social hour I was very sad to read the article in March's issue about the events surround- ing 732 Social's closing ("Deep-sixing 732"). Even more unsettling was the personal and futile foray against its tal- ented and enigmatic chef/owner. Te article seemed to have no such account of the other parties involved, which begs the question, why would Louisville Magazine publish such a negative article about one of this city's greatest restau- rants in the first place? Jayson Lewellyn's personal life is inconsequential to his art; he is an amazing chef and success- fully delivered indelible culinary splen- dor to probably all of the readers of this magazine. I have wonderfully fond memories of sitting outside on the patio at Social on hot summer nights enjoy- ing creative cocktails, delectable cuisine and the company of close friends. Lou- isville without Social is dismal enough; this article shamelessly rubbed salt in the wound. Why anyone would want to tarnish the memories of such a truly epi- curean experience beloved by so many of us is beyond me. Jessica Freeman Louisville Stay out of the culture wars I thought I would drop you a line to tell you how disappointed I was in your Feb- ruary issue. In the past I have enjoyed the magazine because it provided me an insight into artistic and culinary activities in your city. While I enjoy Lexington, I am very car -centric, and a trip to Danville, Berea, Mid- way, Louisville, Cincinnati and beyond are always welcome. Tere were two articles that were surpris- es. "Te Story Tat Almost Didn't Break" by Jenni Laidman and "Te Heretic" by Kane Webb. I am an independent, by the way, my son whom I support in every way is gay, and I don't consider myself particularly spiritual, although I am a cross between a deist and theist. And yet I do admire and in some cases support the programs and ser- vices provided by the Catholic Church and alternatively do not condemn individuals who may believe that homosexuality is a sin. I felt an air of moral superiority in the two articles. Te first article clearly present- ed the proposed acquisition of the hospi- tals as an evil event, too horrific to imagine. Te second article has more than a bit of a condescending tone to it, and I would not have been surprised if this article ran in Te Nation. Which is my point. I'm not so sure that these two articles belong in your magazine, unless your motive is to present Louisville as a very progressive city. I, for one, do not appreciate this adventure into culture wars and am hoping that future issues return to promoting the many venues that the city has to offer. Marco Budny Nicholasville, Ky. Change is good I really like some of the changes you all have been making in the magazine lately. Te art and graphics look great, and the articles are interesting and with-it. Tere were times in the past where I wasn't a fan of the magazine; it felt a bit more geared toward the East End only. Now, I think you have a smart, diverse, engaging, artful and fun publication I believe everyone in this city can enjoy and be proud of. Jae C. Grady Louisville Clarification Dr. C. Steven Smith was incorrectly listed under the specialty of "Pediat- rics" in the 2012-'13 Greater Louisville Health Guide; he should have been listed under the "Allergy and Immu- nology" specialty. Correction Ken Handmaker was listed with the incorrect firm under the category of "Administrative Law" in the Top Law- yers listings in the March issue. His firm is Middleton Reutlinger. Also, the name of the firm Ballinger Mc- Clain was misspelled. Your comments on anything that appears in Louisville Magazine are welcome by email at loumag@lou- mag.com or by U.S. mail to: Feed- back, Louisville Magazine, 137 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd., Louisville, KY 40202. Letters are most likely to be published if they are 300 words or fewer. Tey may be ed- ited for length and clarity. [6] LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 4.12

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