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138 REASONS WE LOVE DERBY No. 42: Four words: Chow. Wagon. Funnel. Cakes. No. 43: There's a pretty good chance that Love Jones will show up somewhere to keep its Derby-lounge tradition alive. No. 44: It reminds us that the Seelbach and Brown hotels are mu- nicipal treasures. No. 45: Being convinced that your Thunder Over Louisville view is better than everybody else's. No. 46: Feeling Thunder's fina- le rumbling deep in your chest. No. 47: The wild cruising scene on Glenview Avenue. No. 48: It's the only major sports event besides the Olym- pics that presents a male athlete with flowers — matching long-stemmed roses for the winning jockey, wrapped in ribbon. No. 49: A 54-year- old athlete (Bill Shoemaker, 1986) can beat up on younger guys. No. 50: A 15-year- old athlete (Lonnie Clayton, 1892) can beat up on older guys. No. 51: 1:59 2/5. No. 52: Early-morning workouts. No. 53: The "balloon glow" the night before the an- nual hot-air balloon race is a religious ex- perience. No. 54: Derby Week coincides with several high-school prom nights. It's pretty cool: The one week the downtown takes on a kind of glam- orous air, it's enhanced by these kids in formalwear. Very uplifting. No. 55: Sunrise over the track. No. 56: If you wagered a measly $2 on every Derby winner over the last 10 years, you'd be almost $400 richer. That's right, casual bettor, even you can make big money come Derbytime. Especially with an average winning payoff dur- ing the last decade — War Emblem ($43) to Animal Kingdom ($43.80) — of $38.10. And don't even get us started on exactas and tri- fectas. No. 57: The wonders for sale on the streets surrounding Churchill Downs on Derby Day. Spe- cifically: Binoculars that are actually a flask. Who doesn't need a pair of those? (We will not comment on the crucifix-shaped flasks.) No. 58: The Cherokee Trian- gle Art Fair. No. 59: Local TV anchors and reporters take themselves seriously while dressed like fruitcakes. No. 60: Drunken numbskulls who usually shout "Whooooo!" coming out of bars instead yell "Derbyyyyy!" No. 61: Putting red roses in a vase at home during Derby Week… No. 62: …the only time of the year that red roses aren't tacky. No. 63: A great party is recession-proof. To wit: A study out of the Univer- sity of Louisville's MBA program estimated the economic impact of last year's Derby Festival at $127.9 million. No. 64: The Derby demands that you take a stand. No wishy-washy, on-the-fence shilly-shallying when asked the only question that truly matters this time of year: Who do you like in the Derby? You must answer with a horse, not several. As a wise handicapper once told us, "The racing gods don't look kindly on those who refuse to pick a Derby winner." You have been warned. www.derbypie.com 4.12 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE [23] ILLUSTRATIONS BY BART GALLOWAY

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