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138 REASONS WE LOVE DERBY No.9: You're never too old to sleep on floors or couches. It turned out to be the wholly unexpected Giacomo Derby when a half-dozen of us, all in our 30s and 40s and old enough to know better, drove all night from several points west to meet in Louisville for a few days at the Derby. We slept on floors and couches in houses belonging to a friend's parents and aunts and uncles. Tey fed us well and served good liquor and generally treated us like royalty — except for the sleeping on floors and couches part. We experienced the Derby as we should have 20 years before: in the Infield, battling the crowds, but spending more money on sunscreen than booze. After the race, we walked a couple of miles from Churchill to be picked up at an inter- section just removed from the clog of traf- fic. We spent that night on somebody's back porch — can't remember whose — drinking cans of Budweiser and recounting a day at the races in which not a one of us cashed a meaningful ticket, cussing Giacomo for his gall in winning the big race and talking up a trip back soon. My back was sore for a week. Good times. — Kane Webb No.10: Sober people are the minority. No.11: Finding a ride home. A couple of years ago, eight of us took the bus to the track. On the way home we piled clown-car-style into some guy's Corolla, which had a piece of cardboard that said "Rides" duct-taped to its back window. He wanted $20 a head to haul us from Churchill Downs to the Highlands. We — and by that I mean the beautiful ladies in Derby dresses and hats — talked him down to $20 total. I won't say how much we made the friend who curled up in the trunk contribute. — JM No. 13: Time to plant your tomatoes. [14] LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 4.12 No.14: "Tere is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man." — Winston Churchill No.12: You don't need to know how to read a racing program. I have cashed many a Derby ticket by simply betting on my favorite horse name. Animal Kingdom (I was a biol- ogy major and had a thing for Linnaean taxonomy), Mine Tat Bird (I like birds), Go for Gin (during the days I frequented Butchertown Pub and enjoyed many a Tom Collins), Smarty Jones (not sure now, but I'm sure I had a good reason)…. — Melissa Duley PHOTO BY JOHN NATION PHOTO BY DAVID CRONEN

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