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MAR 2012

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erslayer By Zach Everson Photos by John Nation "S hoot him again! What are you waiting for?!?!" "You never taught me how to reload!" Jon Gassett reaches over the .257 Roberts, his rifle I'm borrowing, and chambers another round. About a minute earlier, the first bullet I'd ever fired at a living creature — done without hesitation — ripped across a 125-yard field and tore into the low chest of a 170-pound, eight-point buck who'd emerged from a few rows of corn and lowered his head to graze. Te shot sounded like a balloon popping. Te deer's legs kicked up, evidence that he was wounded, and he darted to my left. Now, he is standing in tall grass, back hunched up, about 85 yards from the old tobacco barn I'm shooting from. "Shoot him again!" Tim Farmer hollers a second time. Once Farmer points out the deer to me, I can see him with my naked eye but not through the scope. Close tree branches are in the way, and in the excitement, I am pressing my eye too close to the scope, blurring my view. Ten I spot him. Te high grass obscures the area just above his left leg but below his center body mass, where his vitals — heart and lungs — are. My target. I aim the gun at his broadside, then move it down to where I suspect the sweet spot is. I tick off how to fire a rifle, steps I'd learned earlier in the afternoon: 1. Aim at the target. 2. Take a deep breath. 3. Expel the breath halfway. 4. Unlock the safety. I run through them again, steadying myself for the final one: 5. Slowly squeeze the trigger. 3.12 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE [41]

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