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MAR 2012

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[ Circuit ] I'm Just Sayin' E veryone should have noticed by now that the most disingenuous way for people to acknowledge their success is to say they are "humbled." I — and many others who have never been called up to a podium to accept con- gratulations by addressing an audience about their accomplishments (or simply never had a success worthy of congratulations) — have been saying this for years. You know, Obama is awarded the Nobel Prize and he says he is deeply humbled. Murray State wins its first 20 basketball games and the coach says it's hum- bling. Boastful blowhards like Donald Trump spend millions orchestrating the appearance of great feats for themselves to acknowledge and then — feigning 15 seconds of reticence — play the humbled card before returning to self-exaltation. But you've got to wonder: What are their other options? Well, I guess you just say, "Tank you for approving of what I did," but that's just too slight; it lacks emotional juice. You could do a Sally Field: "You like me!" but, uh-uh, way too saccharine. "Tere are others just as deserving" has worked well, as has the bit about the people who helped you and how instrumental they were. Let's say you won three World Series games and struck out 36 batters. People would probably begrudge you if you told Joe Buck, "Man, I killed it! Killed it!" but they wouldn't if you said, "I was fortu- nate to set a World Series strikeout record and do what no pitcher has done before." But "I was fortunate" is so . . . five years ago. I'm trying to think of my last big success and what I said when it was noted. Oh, yeah, and this was pretty recently. I was at Pep Boys on Breckenridge Lane in Dupont, looking to score five quarts of 10W-30 motor oil. Penn- zoil was $5.19 a quart! Screw that, I thought; might as well get a change at Jiffy Lube. Ten I spotted an endcap display loaded with Peak 300ISA jump-starters normally selling for $40 but marked down to $20 — plus each had a $10 rebate offer. Hell, I got two — two jump- starters for $20! When I brought them up to the cashier, he said, "Two jump boxes for $20. You done pretty good there, pal." "Yes," I recall I said, "and I feel humbled." — Jack Welch 3.12 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE [17] www.westportvillage.com www.wellspringky.org Illustration by Carrie Neumayer

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