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MAR 2012

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[ Circuit ] 21 Questions With… Lolley Paint pusher, Germantown resident Earliest childhood memory? "Playing in my mother's tulip patch (in Madisonville, Ky.)." When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up? "As a young girl, I really wanted to be president of my own company. I was very good at delegating work to my imaginary friends. I also gave benefits to all my stuffed animals." Your perfect meal? "Anything Peruvian." Your drink? "Red wine." Favorite possession? "My gargoyle." What song's been stuck in your head lately? "'Ominous Cloud,' by Broadcast." In one sentence, what do you actually do all day in your job? "I pull images out of the ether and put them on canvas for you." Who's doing big things in Louisville and flying under the radar? "Land of Tomorrow. It's a gallery on Broadway, and something impresses me every time I go in there." WE LOVE The old-school commercials for Wild and Woolly Video (1021 Bardstown Road) are must-see TV. (And by old-school, we mean, "Hey, look at this camera I found in the attic. Let's make a movie!") These are so unpolished, deadpan and B-movie great that surely some Madison Avenue sharp is going to steal the concept for next year's Super Bowl. Our favorite Wild and Woolly spot is the one in which the eyes of Todd Brashear, "star" of the ads and owner of the venerable store in the Highlands, laser-beam a DVD floating in midair. Bam! Top that, Danica (Go Daddy!) Patrick. [12] LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 3.12 What Louisville band would you pay to see? "I really like New Mother Nature, Dane Waters, Andrew Iafrate, Jon Glenn, Squeeze-bot, the Ladybirds, Gangly Youth…." All-time favorite Louisville athlete? "If poetry were a sport it would have to be Wendell Berry." All-time favorite Derby winner? "Funny Cide, because I won nearly $200 that day." Favorite local sports team? "Derby City Roller Girls." Can't-miss TV show? "The Killing." Best book you've read over the past year? "I read In the Garden of Beasts by Erik Larson. It was about an American family in 1930s Berlin. I also recommend his other book The Devil in the White City." What film has had the greatest influence on your life? "Difficult to answer, for I love and am influenced by quite a bit of cinema. I guess I would have to say Being There by Hal Ashby only because I've watched it over and over again. I love its subtle comedy and how Peter Sellers plays the perfect innocent character. Also, the existential ending." Biggest regret? "Accidentally taking my pants off in public. No, I wasn't drunk — just really confused. Wait, now my biggest regret is telling people I accidentally took my pants off in public." Best local date spot? "Cave Hill Cemetery." If forced to get a tattoo today, what would you get? "The symbol of Jupiter on my arm." Fill in the blank: "_________ Louisville" should be the next banner on the side of a building. "Investigate." What makes somebody a Louisvillian? "Anybody who has lived here for a year or more at some point in time and loved it." What's something nobody knows about you? "I love to go into the forest and listen to the trees." Kathleen Illustration by Kathleen Lolley

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