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62 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 8.15 Family Practice Rajan Amin Amin Family Medical Center 1505 7th St. 637-1005 James Wheeler Baptist Health Medical Group–Jeffersontown 10216 Taylorsville Road, Suite 400 267-5456 Terry Weiss Baptist Health Medical Group–Deer Park 1603 Stevens Ave. 451-5955 Melanie Story Louisville Direct Primary Care Dr. Story and Williams 2400 Eastpoint Pkwy., Suite 490 264-4400 Stephen Wheeler UofL Physicians–Family Medicine 1941 Bishop Lane, Suite 900 588-2500 Jeffrey D. Figa Norton Community Medical Associates–Dixie 4420 Dixie Hwy., Suite 114 449-6464 Erica Williams Louisville Direct Primary Care Dr. Story and Williams 2400 Eastpoint Pkwy., Suite 490 264-4400 Jeffrey Reynolds Baptist Health Medical Group–Eastpoint 2400 Eastpoint Pkwy., Suite 550 253-6630 Renee Girdler UofL Physicians–Family Medicine 215 Central Ave., Suite 100 588-8720 Catherine Hammond Baptist Health Medical Group–Deer Park 1603 Stevens Ave. 451-5955 Michael D. Needleman Norton Community Medical Associates–Okolona 7430 Jefferson Blvd. 969-0975 Veronica Kavorkian Family Care Physicians 2701 Chamberlain Lane 243-9044 James T. Jennings Norton Community Medical Associates– Brownsboro 9880 Angies Way, Suite 420 394-6200 Stacy Trinkle Iroquois Medical Center 5601 S. 3rd St., Suite 100 361-8801 William E. Aufox Norton Community Medical Associates– Audubon West 200 2355 Poplar Level Road, Suite 200 636-7444 Christopher Pitcock Baptist Health Medical Group–Family & Sports Medicine 2400 Eastpoint Pkwy., Suite 110 253-6699 Jonathan Becker UofL Physicians–Sports Medicine 215 Central Ave., Suite 200 637-9313 Robyn O. Newstadt Norton Community Medical Associates– Audubon West G1 2355 Poplar Level Road, Suite 11 636-8121 Kathy Nieder Baptist Health Medical Group–Kresge II 3950 Kresge Way, Suite 303 896-1880 Stephen R. Roszell Norton Community Medical Associates– Highlands 2470 Bardstown Road 454-9151 Internal Medicine Mary Barry Norton Community Medical Associates– Barret 825 Barret Ave. 540-7200 Matthew Rogers KentuckyOne Health Primary Care 3920 Dutchmans Lane, Suite 315 896-4246 Alexis Karageorge Louisville Concierge Medicine Norton Medical Plaza 4950 Norton Healthcare Blvd., Suite 302 618-3535 William French 3208 College Drive 267-7337 Michael Dee Dee & Associates 3950 Kresge Way, Suite 104 896-8028 Max L. Irick Norton Community Medical Associates– Audubon West G1 2355 Poplar Level Road, Suite 11 636-8121 Sarita Nair Nair Internal Medicine 8442 Dixie Hwy. 638-4280 Lawrence D. Loehle Norton Community Medical Associates– Fincastle 210 Gray St., Suite 700 629-5400 Thomas Schurfranz Schreiber Hornaday Costel Bryant 4002 Kresge Way, Suite 100 897-1121 DR. Natalie Stephens Stephens, a general surgeon with Norton Healthcare, sees "a lot of people who come into the emergency room (with) abdominal pain that's so bad that they had to go to the ER. From an acute gallbladder attack or pancreatitis or a perforated colon or an ulcer." You must be on your feet a lot during surgeries. What kind of shoes do you wear? "I have a pair of Crocs. They work really well, and they're comfortable. I wore Birkenstocks during my four pregnancies." Do people make fun of your Crocs? "No, you'd be surprised. Almost everyone in the OR is wearing Crocs. They wash off easily. You don't want to wear nice shoes in the OR." What's one tool in the OR people might not know about? "Well, we always want a good stereo. Everyone always asks and, yes, we do have music in the operating room. (Stephens likes '80s pop.) We let it be the patient's choice until they're asleep. Music is calming to everyone's nerves." Is there a common theme among the music that patients choose? "No. Some people don't want any, so we have to be very quiet and calm. Then we have country and classical. We have some people that come in with their earbuds in and they're ready to go, so they don't care what we have on." Are there any medical TV shows or movies that you've liked? "One of my favorite movies, I have to say, is The Fugitive (in which Harrison Ford's character, a cardiologist, poses as a janitor in a hospital to try and fnd his wife's murderer). If you ever want to try and hide and be anonymous in a city, you can hide yourself in a hospital. I loved Grey's Anatomy. It's a guilty pleasure; it's so much fun to watch. Some of the social situations during surgical residency, that all happens. The humor you have to use in some of the serious situations is there."

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