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AUG 2015

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LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 8.15 43 Here for a hot pull of time and I've seen so much, up and down the branching paths, but it still it feels I've missed everything. Peripat(h)etic. Life, ain't it? I don't learn about the everything until later, perusing pictures. I see: Te Kentucky Ham Breakfast and Auction (throw yo hams in the air on that one, y'all), the breakdancing (the pops, locks and windmills), the Great American Spam Championship (not talking mail), the 4-H Fair (though once I was disqualifed from a 4-H talent show because our young group danced to a boy band song "Every Six Seconds" without realizing the fantasy lyrics, the shower masturbation), the Largest Watermelon Contest (a sexy 217½ pounds of purebred fruit meat), the Gospel Quartet Contest (hymning Him), the Civil War re-enactments (I fash back to the unease (disease?) in the HistoryMobile), the Balloon Masters Exhibit (piles of blues and greens make helium castles), the Kentucky crafts (baskets and dulcimers and dried gourds, oh pie!), the free nightly concerts at the Old Cardinal Stadium (Joan Jett, Kenny Rogers). Everything is here, everything, and I start to feel I saw nothing at all. Nothing goin' down at the Budweiser Stage when I went by. Didn't even see a damn Fair Bear! It ain't fair! Sometimes it's easier not to know the land that's been skipped, the sights unseen. FOMO. Must concentrate on what surrounds us, not the once-was. No worries, though. Tis once-was will be again. For now, this is the is. Te last of my sights, my day almost done, three hours droned. Te is. Te motocross riders up the ramp, then airborne. As if they were born air. Te bikers in their Power Rangers-looking suits, one after the other, stunt after stunt. Tricks clean for the what- look-like dirt bikes. Green Power Ranger hovers in the clouds, handstands on the bike handles, lands with grace. Blue completely frees himself from his bike, foats for a few seconds above it, the green of distant tree leaves between him and his seat, his arms spread as if he's Superman. I wonder the stomach drop, mocking gravity. Wish I had that daredevil attitude, but then remember the possible thud of falling latitude. Te bikes' engines purr and rumble, fat sounds from the skinny machines. A crowd oooh-ahhh's, drinks Bud Light. I, too, stand transfxed at this spectacle, thinking it's a trick of my spectacles. My eyes break, see I'm next to the Tropical Tent again. How 'bout it? Full circle. I walk in before I walk out, half-mile to my car. Quieter now, but people still catch fried fsh with their tongues, sip Lime-A-Ritas. No one is onstage, except a rhinestone-studded Elvis. He looks tired, cleaning up after a singing contest, taking the seahorses down. I am tired, for sure, and though sometimes distant, only observing, I'm very much a part of this world. I walk on, amazed, sweating, snickering, sst, sst, sst. Tis year's Kentucky State Fair, Aug. 20-30 at the Kentucky Exposition Center, includes concerts by Meghan Trainor and Montgomery Gentry. No Linning's Tent this time, though. Boo-hoo. gocards.com

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