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AUG 2015

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LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 8.15 29 "He's been riding all his life, but I just started riding with him once I got the kids gone. Just as a passenger. I can't look around if I ride on my own. I like to see the scenery." "Where is the farthest you've been?" "Glacier National Park. Lake Tahoe." "We did 6,200 miles in one trip, 5,000 on three or four more." "We go out west." "We've been to the East Coast too." "But the best is out west." "Where's your motorcycle?" "Well, they say it's bike night, so I rode my bike. I live two blocks from here." "A bicycle?" "Yeah, anything with two wheels is great." "I do ride, but I'm with him tonight. There are a lot of girls that have decided to ride, and that's great. That's a fantastic thing because girls can do anything that guys can do. Anything." "About six months. It's a Fuji [folding mini-bike] called a Go Devil. It's 50cc. They were real popular back in the late '50s and '60s. You could go to Western Auto and buy one for like $99. They run great." "How far do you ride that thing?" "Well, I just rode it about 200 feet." "The wind is almost like a drone, like listening to a didgeridoo or something for long periods at a time. It's really meditative, and I'm a big-time proponent and practitioner. I meditate daily. Imagine telling someone to sit there for three hours and not to talk. Most people aren't going to be able to do it; they're just not. But show up on a motorbike, it's easy to say, 'Hey, let's get three or four buddies together and ride to Nashville on the backroads.' Getting someone to be quiet for that amount of time almost forces refection. You have so much time to hash it out that you normally wouldn't take." "To me, the biggest part of that story is that butterfy that landed on the motorcycle during that trip while I was carrying her ashes. That was my mother visiting."

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