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AUG 2015

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136 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 8.15 BOARD BACK Vexing Vexillography Gross. Somebody who regularly says "core competencies" and "best practices" and "impact" must have designed it. It dates to the early 2000s, when the city and county merged. That's why it includes the words "Louisville" and "Jefferson County." And "Metro." We're surprised "synergy" isn't on there somewhere. (It's not, right?) There's also a feur-de-lis that — well, we'll just say it: It looks like a dildo. This was our fag before the Synergy Flag: Inspired by the silks worn by Secretariat's jockey. Actually, any of these fags would work as jockey silks. If you don't like any of our other reasons, go with that. Could be a horseshoe or horse hoof. Or a glass of bourbon. A reference to the two things we do better than any other city in the world. (No, it does NOT look like a toilet bowl flled with pee!) No, it's not literal. Just trust us on this one. Jockey Silks Flag Horses and Bourbon Flag Deconstructed Fleur-de-lis Flag Yes, better. This one became our fag in 1949. The 13 stars indicate the 13 colonies that existed when Louisville was founded in 1778. But why include the colonies? The feurs-de-lis are a French nod to King Louis XVI, our city's namesake. We like the feur-de-lis. But, ya know: New Orleans. We need a new fag. The best are more subtle than literal, which is why you don't see a bunch of Sluggers and horsies and Hot Browns on the three options we've created. We basically stuck with the color scheme: the blue for Bluegrass, the yellow-gold-brown for bourbon. Plus, they go well together. Nice synergy. This is our fag:

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