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LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 8.15 9 Light beer. Because it's NOT beer. Also, paisley. I've yet to see anybody look good in paisley. Ashley Hoff Editorial intern I cringe even as I write this. I hate when ice cubes stick to the skin on your fngers. So much that I pretty much avoid ice altogether, unless there's a dispenser/tongs/cup/whatever to save me from the horrendous feeling of my skin ripping off. Exaggeration? Yes, slightly, but we've all seen A Christmas Story and know what licking or touching icy things can do to the human body. Amber Garvey Photographer When I've watched seven episodes of Revenge or The Hills in a row on Netfix and the guilt- inducing "Are you still watching?" message pops up. McKenna Mitchell Editorial intern Stupid drivers! Stupid drivers do lots of stupid things on the road, but there is one thing that irritates me the most: when a stupid driver wants to exit or change lanes and there is no opening, so instead of sucking it up and going to the next exit or around the block, the stupid driver just sits there blocking an entire lane of traffc. Rude and dangerous. (Ahem, stupid driver this morning on I-64.) Years ago I saw the comedian Gallagher do a routine about stupid drivers. He said we should all be equipped with guns that shoot rubber darts attached to "Stupid" fags. Drivers would have the right to shoot these darts at stupid drivers' cars. Once a stupid driver's car was covered, driving privileges would be revoked. I would so vote for that. Stacey Hallahan Advertising director Over-air-conditioned buildings. Which is almost all of them. Those places where the AC goes on April 1 and stays on until November, whether it's 40 degrees or 90 degrees outside. When you have to go outside to warm up. And your blood pressure drops to, like, 60 over 40, which is one step short of a coma. A bad sign is if you see the staff wearing feece in August. Also, if your feet start turning purple. Worst offenders: doctors' offces (sorry, Top Docs issue) and department stores. Somebody once did a comparative study of the temperature in various department stores and concluded that the higher end the store, the more the AC was blasting. Because people suffering from hypothermia spend more? Because freezing is a privilege? Julie Crutcher Business director Litter. Chris Witzke Photographer marriottlouisville.com nawbolouisville.org NAWBO Louisville Public Policy Luncheon Tuesday, September 1st 2015 11:30 am-1:30 pm NOAH's Event Venue 12451 Plantside Drive Louisville, KY 40299 Guest speaker Congressman Thomas Massie, 4th District-KY Tickets: $35/member, $45/guest For information and tickets, visit nawbolouisville.org or call (502) 625-0248

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