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8 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 8.15 INTER-OFFICE MEMO What's your biggest pet peeve? (Yes, some people had trouble keeping it to one pet peeve, which is probably somebody's pet peeve. — Ed.) People misusing the word "epic." And people failing to use turn signals. Lindsay Flint Advertising production coordinator Crumbs left on the countertop. And waiting on people who always run late. Robby Davis Illustrator Gnats or fruit fies near food. Though, for some reason, those little green bugs you sometimes see on fresh lettuce don't bother me. And seriously: People who ride their bikes on the sidewalk and are hostile toward pedestrians. There's this dude on Bardstown Road who enrages me. I want him locked up so bad. Mary Chellis Austin Deputy editor Women who hover. It is you creating an unhygienic atmosphere. Stop peeing on the seat. Suki Anderson Art director I hate when people call me "Liz" right off the bat. You have to earn the right to call me Liz by putting up with me for a while. Elizabeth Myers Editor, Louisville.com When a woman is expecting and her husband/ boyfriend/wife/partner/whoever says, "We're pregnant." Josh Moss Editor Unnecessarily rude people. Seriously, people, relax and smile a little bit. Plus, folks who don't know the traffc pattern on Bardstown Road. The green arrows and red X's are there for a reason! And the worst one: When one of my kids says "Hi" to you, don't ignore them like they don't exist! Mandy Wood Advertising account executive Corporate telephone manners. You say, "Thanks! Bye!" and the person on the other end launches into a lengthy goodbye script, complete with slogans, web addresses and fake-polite chatter. Worse: recordings that say, "Your call is important to us," when it clearly isn't. Or even worse: "Thank you for your patience." I am not patient. I am seething. And also, hold the music. I don't want to listen to music while I'm on hold for 10 minutes. I want you to keep silent while I get some work done. If you must, sound a little beep every 30 seconds or so. But your taste in music is embarrassing, and it's all too distracting. The very worst: Hold advertisements, even when they're messages about how to improve my health. It's bad enough you can't deal with me immediately. Then you take advantage of the inconvenience you're causing by sending me corporate messages while occasionally thanking me for that patience I don't possess? By this point, I'm pretty sure the people who program these things KNOW how annoying this is and do it intentionally. Jenni Laidman Writer at large People who leave their shopping carts in the grocery store parking lot. Then, as I go to pull into a rock-star parking space, a cart sits smack dab in the middle of the spot. So let me go ahead and get out of my car — kids in tow, one being a toddler — and put away someone else's cart. Put your s*!% where it goes, people. Emily Douglas Advertising account executive I've got one word for you: misophonia. Mickie Winters Photographer When NPR introduces any story about farming, drilling, traffc, the airline industry, boating or the rise and fall of gas prices...with the sound of engines revving. Off goes the radio! Mary Welp "Dine In" columnist The sound of clipping toenails. Lynn Hafele Events and marketing The guy who grunts in yoga class. It's YOGA, dude! No grunting allowed. Amy Talbott Special publications editor Since moving back to Louisville from Los Angeles, I've noticed more than ever that Louisville drivers are in no hurry ever to get somewhere. My biggest pet peeve derives from this lack of hurry: people who don't go right away when the light turns green. One would think that in the time-space continuum, the person closest to the green light would be, ya know, the frst to see the light turn green. Nevertheless, I usually end up screaming "Go!" at traffc stops at least two to three times a day. Silent cries unbeknownst to anyone, it would seem. Rob Cummins Editorial intern I heard someone on the radio say "conversating." That's not a real word. Neither is "irregardless." Also, you don't "itch" something. You scratch it. Michelle Eigenheer Executive assistant I can't pass up the chance to voice my inner contrarian. My biggest pet peeve: pet peeves. The term makes no sense. A peeve that you pet? I don't pet my peeves. Why would you? Because the peeve is trivial, more fun to hate than to avoid? Well, then it's not really a pet peeve, is it? Since you like it, sort of. And what's the difference between a pet peeve and an annoyance? There has to be a difference; otherwise, every potentially annoying thing — everything — qualifes as a pet peeve. In which case, my answer is: everything. In which case, my answer is: nothing. My biggest pet peeve, next to ambiguous phrases: existence, nonexistence. Dylon Jones Associate editor The sight of men wearing dress loafers without socks has creeped me out since childhood. I believe Miami Vice ignited this intense loathing. Something about Sonny Crockett relentlessly advertising his tanned ankles from beneath pastel suits just felt slimy, even aggressive. To this day, it's hard for me to trust a man who clinches his look by slipping unprotected feet into leather loafers. God, the perspiration that must pool! It's a strange pet peeve to have, as I pay little attention to fashion otherwise. Oh, and one more pet peeve, and I may have to apologize to the whole state of Michigan for this one: It really irks me when people pronounce "milk" as "melk." There's one vowel in that word. Why play games with it? Anne Marshall Senior writer

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