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56 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 10.14 a registered Democrat. But I said I would do it because she's extremely smart, extremely caring. I have some Democrat friends who don't think I'm doing the right thing." — Brown 27. "I print off my sermon and use colored markers on it. It's weird, man. My main points are in green. All scripture verses are in blue. Anything humorous is in pink. Any key word is in orange. I can spread 12 pages out and, at a glance, I'll know if I don't have even humor or enough scripture." — Stone 28. "There's really not a time I go to bed. There's a time I just shut down — 2 a.m. or 4 a.m. Like last night, I was up scrubbing the foors. They were gross and it needed to get done. Then I'm up at 6. My family hates me on vacation. It's 6:20 in the morning, and I'm ready to go with my itinerary." — Williams 29. "We watch the political shows: Scan- dal, House of Cards, West Wing re-runs." — David Tandy 30. "I was inspired by Nelson Mandela and Maya Angelou. A lot of their quotes keep me going. I have a cousin in Louisiana who inspires me. His favorite quote is, 'We don't major in minors.' It's good for me to remem- ber to focus on the big things." — Carolyn Tandy 31. "Protect your day off." — Stone 32. "If it doesn't work on a spreadsheet it sure as hell won't work in real life." — Oyler 33. "My heart and brain are more in bal- ance in the morning. A clean palette." — Brown 34. "I do 5-hour Energy sometimes. I know that's bad for you." — Stone 35. "I'm not a fool. I don't keep making the same mistakes." — Williams 36. "A lot of people think prayer has to be a long, formal, drawn-out thing. Even just walking into the Metro Council chamber: 'Give me wisdom.' It can be as simple as that." — David Tandy 37. "It was implicit that Mayor Fischer didn't have confdence in GLI when he cut our funding. But now that the decision has been made — I don't like it; if I had a time machine and could undo it, I would undo it — but now that it's there, we're working with it. One of the unintended consequenc- es is that we can focus on the region instead of only Jefferson County. The other thing is advocacy. In the entire history of GLI, they didn't take a position counter to the Mayor's Offce." — Oyler 38. "Greg, our mayor, is a good friend." — Brown 39. "Here's what I tell my mind: If I get more than three ideas, I have to get out of bed. So I'll grab my sermon and a pillow and sit in the closet. I don't turn the light on and I dim my computer screen, so I don't wake up too much. And I'll just crank for an hour and a half." — Stone 40. "I do get my hair done every week. That's something I do for myself. I have a membership to Massage Envy. I have like 28 or 29 massages — it's prepaid, so they just keep rolling over. I don't want to cancel it because I got a really great rate and eventu- ally I'm going to go." — Williams 41. "I didn't realize how tired I was until (the 2010 mayoral primary) was over. I was going on straight adrenaline for months at a time. For the frst week or so after, I just slept. My parents came and got the kids and told us to get away. We went to Orlando. We'll go to Disney World with or without the kids. But of course I still think about that primary. Every day." — David Tandy 42. "I have lupus, and my pregnancy was not going well. I was on bed rest in the hospital. My blood pressure was not good. Somebody would come and talk to me about work, and my blood pressure would go down. So they let me do paper work. And when I didn't have work to do, I wrote on a notepad all the ways the hospital could improve the maternity ward. Like, it made no sense that there were these small towels for pregnant women." — Williams 43. "I've set up channels that will help me say no or have somebody say no for me. People will say, 'I'd like to meet with you sometime.' And I'll say, 'I've got fve minutes right now.'" — Stone 44. "I am a fast walker. It probably comes from being short and being married to someone who is 6'4". I've been this size since the ffth grade: 5'1". And that's if you don't smush my hair. I've had to walk fast my whole life." — Williams 45. "Running is a poor choice of word because I'm not fast. But my wife walks really fast, and I run really slow. We go to the Parklands of Floyds Fork together, pray as we walk." — Stone 46. "If you walk around downtown enough you'll get in your 10,000 steps." — Oyler 47. "My husband Jason and I have written down our goals in journals since we met in law school at UK." — Williams 48. "My wife started watching something on the Hallmark Channel — gosh, this is being taped. We got in the habit of every Saturday night watching this show togeth- er. It's not on right now; it might come back this fall. It's the goofest show. Set in the 1800s or early 1900s. It's called When Calls the Heart, which is the stupidest title. We don't know what it means. But I'll be getting ready to preach on Saturday, and I'll text her, 'We're gonna watch our show tonight.'" — Stone 49. "My dad, he was my best friend. He died when I was 27, when he was 57. If I'm my dad, my life is more than half over." — Williams 50. "Is that on? Are you still recording? Yeah, turn it off." — David Tandy

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