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OCT 2014

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LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 10.14 53 Habits of Highly Habits Morning routines, eating habits and ping pong with six people who made our Power 50. interviewed by josh moss | Photos by Chris Witzke Successful Successful of Highly Louisvillians Louisvillians 50 1. "I'm very fond of Old Forester. I love it on the rocks, with just a tiny splash of fresh orange juice. That's my Christy Special." — Christy Brown 2. "Every stoplight is an opportunity. I've found myself actually timing it so I can get to a red light and check something on my phone." — Kent Oyler 3. "Breakfast? No. God, no. There is not a scenario Monday through Friday that would allow me to eat breakfast. There's just no time. Sometimes I eat lunch. But it's not uncommon that I'll get home after work and say, 'Did I eat today?'" — Erica Lee Williams 4. "If I'm cutting the grass, that's when I think things through. And I have plenty of time because I cut my yard and two neighbors' yards. I've got the music going — Public Enemy, Jay Z, Darius Rucker, Chris 8. "About 22,000 people hear my ser- mon. Every week, I've got as many people listening to me as when the Yum! Center is packed. I've got to really make certain I've thought it all through." — Dave Stone 9. "Coffee? God, no. Could you imagine if I drank coffee? In law school I would eat a Snickers bar and drink a Mountain Dew Code Red. And my criminal-law professor said, 'If anybody sees her with these items before class, take them from her.'" — Williams 10. "I fought for so long not to have a smart phone. Now I'm constantly on two phones. I have four email addresses." — Carolyn Tandy 11. "If you want to talk to me about some- thing, don't send me an email. Actually talk to me about it." — David Tandy Botti, Rascal Flatts. It's just the hum of the mower. And you don't have to give mowing a lot of thought, don't have to be precise. It's like I'm in a bubble." — David Tandy 5. "I normally wake up at 5 a.m. and am on my phone. I have a checklist in the notes section. My co-worker says you need to physically be able to mark through things on your list, but deleting is enough for me. If I didn't get everything done the previous day, it's still there as my starting point the next day." — Carolyn Tandy 6. "I don't really relax. When I think of the word relax, I think of doing nothing. And there's always something to do." — Williams 7. "Do I have to use an alarm? No. I can tell myself I need to get up at 5:30, and my internal clock goes into action." — Brown

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