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LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 10.14 17 WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO ? The Bus Stop WE L OVE "On your mark! Get set! Go!" Backpacks in tow, two kids surge from their runner's stance and bolt down the sidewalk to a tree at the eastern end of Muhammad Ali Boulevard. Ah, the bus stop. That limbo between home and school, kids reveling in their freedom. Not quite out of Mom's reach, though; sometimes a touch of discipline or reassurance is in order, as we notice one day when a mother is having a serious talk with her son. Is he scared to leave the comforts of home? Is he in trouble for running out into the street? Had he fought with his sister for frst place in line, which would obviously mean a better seat on the bus? Didn't it used to feel like the bus took forever to arrive? The wait was sometimes flled with anxiety that you missed the bus while running home to grab your lunch, which you left on the counter. The waiting period would always end with arguably the most important rite of passage — riding the school bus. — Mary Chellis Austin Morning departure. Ali's Childhood Home Remember when a Las Vegas real estate investor named Jared Weiss bought Muhammad Ali's childhood home for $70,000? You know, the one on Grand Avenue in the West End's Parkland neighborhood. The one with the historical marker out front. Yeah, that one. Weiss talked about how he wanted to turn it into some sort of Ali museum. That was two years ago. Now? The small white house still looks like it spent three too many rounds in the ring with the Greatest at his prime. It's as if Ali shuffed his feet into a maniacal blur, yelled "I'm a bad man!" and unleashed haymakers onto the place until it saw stars. So what's the plan? When's this house going to get off the canvas? Weiss wouldn't take our call. But his assistant says, "Everything right now is in a holding pattern. We're trying to come up with ideas. But I'll tell Mr. Weiss that you called." When will he call back? "He probably…I don't want to get your hopes up." Total books for sale at recently opened Carmichael's Kids (1313 Bardstown Road). Top sellers: Star Wars: Jedi Academy, Return of the Padawan; Anna's Best Friends (that'd be Anna from Frozen); and Good Night Kentucky. 6,122 Photo by Lynn Hafele for a kid Question "If you were mayor of Louisville…" (question cut off) "I don't want to be mayor." "If you were president of the United States…" (question cut off) "I don't want to be president." "If you were queen of the world…" (question cut off) "Um, I could see me being queen." — Naomi, local fourth-grader

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