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OCT 2014

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LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 10.14 137 Meredith is an accountant for 21c Museum Hotels. Is the style scene in Louisville evolving? "For better or worse, when Anthropologie and Urban Outftters came in, those were stores that I didn't expect to come to Louisville. But there's a lot of independent businesses that I think have grown on Bardstown Road, little boutiques that are really nice — places like Hey Tiger that haven't been there long but are great stores." How would you describe your style? "I like to dress for comfort but still want to look good. I'm not a person that is going to wear a lot of form-ftting, uncomfortable clothing, but I will want to look nice. I like leggings and textured leggings, neutrals, and one piece that gives it all a pop." Why is it important to have an original sense of style? "If someone sees you walking by, I'd prefer they see the whole package. But your image really is their frst impression." How would you describe overall style in Louisville? "Still pretty conservative. That's one of the things that I appreciate about 21c; it's a little less conservative. You have more room to mandate what your personal style is." George works in communications for Humana. Can you push the style envelope in a corporate environment? "You just have to be thoughtful about how, when and where you do it. I don't push it every day." How would you describe the style scene in Louisville? "Louisvillians have a sense of style but are divergent in ways that are less extreme than in other big cities. We do push the envelope, but in our own way. Being a little Southern, a little Midwestern, means we don't push forward as fast. The pace that you see style change here is a little different from cities where you have a lot of people coming and going." What does a typical lunch break look like for you? "A typical lunch day with me is trying to eat really quickly so I can get on with my work! I do try to get out and about, walk to get some air and exercise. And I'll bring fats, because I've gotten really serious blisters from walking around in heels!" Where do you fnd fashion inspiration? "I think you can get inspired by anybody, anywhere. Some people might not have an entire look that makes you think, 'Oh, that's me,' but they might have done something interesting with their hair, and you think, 'I could pull that off.'" Holly Meredith Elizabeth George STREET STYLE

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