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2 0 1 4 B r e a s t H e a l t h S e c t i o n 9 Special Advertising Section "Welc me t he clu b," was the sec nd phrase tha as t ld after my initial diagn si f Stag sitive breast ca nce a nu a ry 23 , at age 33 with n revi us fa mily hist ry ta red bla nkly int he eye f a w ma n wh as there t r vide me with supp rt, a n h u ght "What clu b n't wa nt this me mbership xcuse me eed a refu nd!" S the fight is n nā€¦. irs f all, my faith i d is str nger tha n ever bef re ave c mplete u nd f che m nd sta rted radiati n treat ments in Septe mber ave als ad a lu mpect my a nd was blessed t n w that my ma rgins were clea r! And di enti n a n a ma zing life? My tea m at Baptist H spita ast, m nc l is r. Geethik seph, my su rge r. Allis n Hat ma ker a nd my plastic su rge r. Ma u rine Waterh use have been the best ch ice f r me a nd great supp rt f r my fa mily. As a wa rdr be stylist f r Ru e La La, a nd a street fashi n bl ger have had t ind ways t ccept the u nkn wn physical, mental a nd e m ti nal tra nsiti ns m n w lea rning h w t ve life t he fullest a nd kn w that P NK is my new bla ck . Being a BRCA1 woman was always something that weighed heavily on my mind. I knew that someday I had to make a difcult decision or face the consequences. As a 31-year-old wife and mother of a four-year-old and one-year-old, I thought I had time. In reality, I was out of time! During an MRI a spot was found. A biopsy confrmed the worst. I had breast cancer. Throughout the process, everyone kept telling me I was too young and everything would be fne. This couldn't be happening, but it was. We met with what seemed like a ton of doctors and specialists to fnd the right ft for us and decided on a treatment plan. We decided because of my BRCA1 status that a bilateral mastectomy was the right surgery. Expanders would be placed during surgery, four rounds of chemo after surgery, then a fnal surgery to get my "real" fake tatas! The road I traveled was not easy, but was easier because my friends, family, co-workers and even strangers did everything they could to make the best of the worst. As an avid runner, I was extremely upset that my running career was over. In my mind I would never be able to run again. After my frst surgery, I couldn't even get of the couch by myself. How would I ever run half marathons again? Running was my therapy before cancer, it was my outlet. My alone time. Now my alone time was spent with an entire day of TV shows lined up that I cared nothing for. I remember telling my therapist that I would be fne if they would just let me run. I knew in my head I couldn't physically do it, but the will was always there. Four months after my last chemo treatment, with barely any hair and rocking a bandana, I ran my third half marathon! Not the best time, not the prettiest, but I did it! I could do this! I've since conquered losing the weight that came along with chemo, and will be running my ffth half marathon in October 2014. My goal is to run a full marathon soon. At this point in my life, I can do anything! Tomorrow is not guaranteed ā€” enjoy today! Melissa Lucas Bailey My name is Cynthia Embry. Five years ago, shortly before my fftieth birthday, I was diagnosed with stage 3C breast cancer. My cancer was detected during a routine mammogram. I was shocked and frightened after receiving the diagnosis. I am a very stubborn person and was determined to survive this horrible disease. I wanted to live for myself, but more importantly, I wanted to live for my children, Joshua and Mary Margaret. Mary Margaret has Autism and Epilepsy. I am her full time caregiver. As I traveled through my surgery/treatment journey, I experienced many peaks and valleys. Sometimes it was almost like riding a scary rollercoaster. It was the best of times and the worst of times all during my journey. However, many wonderful and special things occurred in my life while going through surgeries and treatments. The outpouring of love, prayers and support from family, friends, co-workers and doctors that I work with, as well as neighbors, churches and my Sunday school class, were overwhelming. We serve an awesome God. He has a plan for each of our lives. God was faithful and answered my prayers. After two surgeries, eight rounds of chemo and thirty radiation treatments, I was healed and my cancer is in remission."Praise God from whom all blessings fow." I have been blessed tremendously. Yes, my life changed, and in many ways will never be the same. My salt and pepper, short-spikey hair is an example of that. My journey has taught me to make the most of each day, not to sweat the small things in life, and to live life to the fullest one day at a time. Whatever my future holds, I know that, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13 Cynthia Embry Dara Michelle (pictured left) Kathy Kingsbury (pictured center) n w w ndering i as g ing t u rvive this physically a nd mentally. And, eeded t ave radiati n therapy, t . Ca ncer su re was a bl w, b h se t ee it as a p th le ā€” n t a r dbl ck n this r d we call life. T day ' m past my che m nd radiati n treat ments, happily ma rried a nd su rr u nded by s me really a ma zing individu als in my pers nal a nd w rk life. They get me thr u gh every day. ' m pr ud t e a wife t he m st supp rtive a nd l ving husba nd, step- m m t n incredible y u ng ma n, da u ghter t he best pa rents a ny child c uld ask f r, sister t ry ca ring br ther a nd sister-in-law a nd friend t a ny nea r a nd dea r t y hea rt ' m alive a n n t igger a nd better things!

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