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10 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 10.14 Inter-office MEMO Never heard of it. Can you use it in a sentence? Mandy Wood Advertising account executive I love listening to podcasts, and if I really want to relax, I listen without doing other things. It feels like a luxury not to do two things at once. My favorite right now is called "Death, Sex and Money." It helps "normalize" some of the tough stuff life has to offer. Suki Anderson Art director At this point in my life I'm wound somewhere past the zenith of Type A. Relaxing makes me anxious. When I'm at yoga I usually fnd myself mentally cataloging all the ways my house could catch on fre. Anne Marshall Senior writer Drink heavily. Wesley Bacon "Dive Bar Diary" columnist Talk. Not interesting, I know, but I spend so much time holed up writing and researching in my offce by myself, or out listening to other people talk. Actual conversation is a real luxury. Jenni Laidman Writer at large I push-mow my two-acre lawn every week. Something about cutting grass just quiets down everything inside me and lets me focus on doing something non-cerebral. Elizabeth Myers Editor, Louisville.com I drink beer while reading the Webster's defnition of "relax": "To become or to cause (something) to become less tense, tight, or stiff." Alcohol has a way with connotations. Dylon Jones Contributing writer An instructor once perfectly described yoga's powers: When you come to class, your body is a block and your mind is in pieces; when you leave, your body is in pieces and your mind is a block. No matter what's going on, I fnd more calm and clarity when I breathe deep and stretch. Mary Chellis Austin Associate editor Why, go to a sensory- deprivation tank, of course! Zilch light. Soundproof. Body-temperature salt water. Weightless. Nah, never tried it for real but seems better than a chill pill. Left with only brain, no external stimuli, peaceful. Left with only brain...holy shit, where would I go? Second thought, it seems a little terrifying. I'll just stick to my candlelit lavender baths. Sink my head in the heat, slowly sway hair, feel that tingle. Arielle Christian Contributing writer My wife Bri and I had a daughter last December, and I became editor of the magazine in February. The last time I was relaxed was for two hours over the summer, while visiting my in-laws on Lake Norman in North Carolina. One afternoon, Bri and I went to the Rusty Rudder and listened to an acoustic guitarist at the tiki hut overlooking the water, boats motoring out of their slips. "Any requests?" the guy asked. "Anything but the f------ Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song," I said. Josh Moss Editor What do you do to relax? Illustration by Kendall Regan

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