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32 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 8.14 not houses — was being able to help those around them who needed a hand and being able to experience things they always wanted to do but never thought they would. "Tere was a tobacco farmer from Union County telling me about how in his geography class in high school he had been absolutely fascinated with Egypt. Tere was something about Egypt that really clicked with this guy," Polston says. "After he won he went to Egypt. He said, 'Never in my life would I picture me, a guy who's usually rid- ing around on the back of a tractor, on the back of a camel riding past the Great Pyramids.'" So who's paying (and ever-hopefully playing) for these experiences and acts of good will? Te top retailer in Louisville is Better Way Food Mart at 4001 Cane Run Road. It sits on the line between two zip codes — according to the Census Bureau, one with a median household income of $39,000; and one with a median household income of $22,000, where 25 per- cent of households live on $10,000 or less. Te Journal of Gambling Statistics published fndings from a 2012 study at the University of Bufalo that randomly sampled 5,000 Americans and found that the lowest ffth in terms of socio- economic status has the highest rate of lottery gambling. After a 2012 PBS report about the poorest households spending 9 percent of their incomes on lottery tickets (a disputed statis- tic), Te Atlantic likened playing the lottery to insurance — instead of putting some money down for a future guarantee, you're putting some money down for the possibility of some immediate relief. Tat's just how the Claytons see it. When I drop by the lottery ofces on a Monday morn- ing — right after the weekend, which is when most tickets are claimed — the Claytons are among the winners. Dinah Clayton is in town from Ohio for her 58th birthday, visiting her son, Sylvester. She played the number of her birthday month — seven — on a Pick 4 that won her $5,000. She gets her picture taken with a celebratory check. (She's embarrassed when she realizes she's wearing the same shirt that's in her Facebook profle picture.) She spins a wheel for a prize — a hat, T-shirt or water bottle. She goes with the T-shirt. She also gets another T-shirt that's bright red and reads: "I'm a winner." What will she spend her winnings on? Her car, some bills, tithes to her church. "Hopefully some clothes for her son," 30-year-old Sylvester Clayton chimes in. He's wearing a KFC uniform that's required of his HR job at Yum! Brands. "I see people of our caliber in line waiting for government assistance or jobs. It can make a diference," he says of the relatively small win. Anderson's diference is something closer www.louisvillemusicco.com www.komenlouisville.org

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