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30 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 8.14 ceilinged living room is lined with taxidermy mounts — bobcats, deer, elk — from when Anderson's uncle downsized and gave his nephew the collection. Te basement has exer- cise equipment and a small home theater with a projector. Te decor is simple: some photo- graphs of nature and accent pieces that could have come from Garden Ridge — not anything your stereotypical millionaire would spring for at an art auction. "I want to move. It's too big," Anderson says. He says he feels most at home when traveling, when he and his wife are in closer quarters and spend more time together. "But my wife likes it here," he says. "She likes the location." Tey live right outside Lexington in the middle of horse country. Tey also live a few minutes away from Johnson Controls, the factory where they met and where they worked for more than a decade. "I think God's got a plan for every- body," Anderson says. "Sometimes it's good; sometimes it's bad." He stumbles over his words about not going to church and says, "Don't get me wrong, I thank Him every morning because I don't have to go to work at that particular place. It was a very vigorous, demanding job." Anderson says that when they frst moved to their current house, he and his wife felt kind of lost. "What's my purpose?" he says. "Well, I've got money now. But what is it? What's your purpose? It's taken us fve years to fgure out what our purpose is. My wife just now found out. 'You know what? I'm goin' to the gym. I'm going to work on my health.'" I ask him how he'd answer the same ques- tion. "What's my purpose after hitting the lottery? You know what…" He stops to think. "I guess to better educ — I don't know. Tat's a hard one. To not live for today; live for tomorrow. And I think that's what I do. I'm friends with (UK football coach) Mark Stoops and (UK basketball's) Coach Cal. Tey've got purpose. Tey've got a job. But when you hit the lottery, what is your true purpose?" Tough Anderson never got a culinary de- gree, he still cooks for family and friends often and is preparing to make crawfsh étoufée for his mom's birthday party at the end of July. He gets his crawfsh from Troy Landry, the star of the History Channel show Swamp People and a friend of Anderson's family in Louisiana. ("People think all these Cajuns are poor? He's probably worth $10 to $12 million," Anderson says.) Anderson does a big crawfsh cookout for Derby every year and hosts more than 100 people — friends from the factory, friends from the university and friends from the American Legion, where he often hangs out and draws wisdom from the retired folks. He and his wife www.nawbolouisville.org/calendar www.newyorklife.com

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