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20 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 8.14 thebit F or whatever reason, there is no "pro- tected left" (stoplight left-turn arrow) on Brownsboro Road at this busy rush- hour intersection, in efect creating a road diet as left-turners trying to make their way to either the Zorn Avenue I-71 entrance ramp or Frankfort Avenue and Lexington Road stack up on the inner lanes both east and west. Caught in the snag with them are three kinds of straight-aheaders: those who weren't able to switch lanes because the volume and pace of trafc wouldn't allow it; those hapless folks who are forever ignorant of such trafc traps; and those who roll the dice that none of the drivers in the inner lane without their turn signals on won't pop them on at the last millisecond. It might take three or four light cycles before the turners can turn and the Lee Taylor, sister of former President Zachary Taylor. As a widow in 1835, she hosted the wedding of her famous brother's daughter Sar- ah to a young military man named Jeferson Davis, the future president of the Confederate States of America. Now you know (maybe) why the street out front would later be named Rebel Way. — Jack Welch Brownsboro Road and Hillcrest Avenue non-turners gain their freedom to go straight. All this has led to a baneful situation for the residents of tiny Rebel Road, a roughly 85-yard-long hook without sidewalks that connects Brownsboro Road just east of Lee's Famous Chicken with Hillcrest Avenue four houses north of the intersection. Rebel has become a downright dangerous cut-through for drivers coming up from Clifton to get on I-71 and drivers set on reaching westbound Brownsboro without having to go through the lights. Residents' cars are parked along the Rebel crescent, thinning an already thin roadbed, as trafc from both directions speeds into the blind curve. Makes for a lot of close calls and sideswipes. Interesting note: Tere are just six addresses on Rebel Road, one of which is known as Beechland (the two huge beech trees out front might have something to do with the title) and is the site of the original dairy farm that encompassed many acres that now make up the Brownsboro-Zorn neighborhood. Te farm belonged to Dr. John Gibson Taylor and his wife (who was also his cousin) Elizabeth ROADS cross www.thewoodsofglenoaks.com

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