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MAR 2014

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1 0 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 3.14 FEEDBack Get beyond the pale People of color are missing from your publication. But for a precious few individuals featured in some advertising, and by my count one diminutive, as its name suggests, "bit" article, Louisville Magazine has made a choice somewhere along the line truly to refect our city's most egregious secret, racism, in the fagrant omission of stories, photographs and art capturing all of Louisville. You can only imagine a person of any color from out of town fipping through nearly 100 pages of the February 2014 issue and encountering only white people. If it weren't so tragic, it would be laughable. Worse yet, actual Louisville residents and would- be newsmakers are made to feel invisible in the blinding whiteness of limited reporting and editorial choice. Te "awkward family photos" included with the series of "Small Business Successes" were unsettling in this context. It's hard to believe the selection process here didn't go out of its way to exclude people of color. In February's "We Love," the person chosen as the protagonist was in fact homeless and in need of rescue, and even that person was illustrated with skin as light as my own (which is very light) in contrast to the reference made in the article to "his dark skin." Whether in the spread of what one Louisville newsroom looks like — a four- block of all white guys representing supposedly liberal Louisville Public Media — the watercolor painting of the happy couple leaving the Palace, or the photographs of a featured restaurant's clientele, the truth about our city is written all over this issue. Not to discredit those who have earned their place in your pages, but except for a few feel-good features a year, the stories of people of color are largely ignored or forgotten in the printed media, and related to this, the picture of fun and success in Louisville is white and mostly male. If you work for White Louisville Magazine and you're not fghting for racial justice on the job, you are complicit in Louisville's institutional racism problem. I plead with you and your readership to venture outside your color-comfort zone in 2014. Te rewards of defeating racism in our city are real, and they can only be realized if we all do what we can. Amy Waters Louisville Via Twitter Have to say, Louisville Magazine has done an amazing job transforming its design/content. Rivals other major-market city mags. Crash Avenue February 2014 is my favorite cover of Louisville Magazine thus far. Great work. Josh Keown My frst cover. Dice www.ultimatebridalservices.com Presented by Louisville Bride $ lucNy Bride and *room Zill Zin a Wedding and Reception at Woodhaven &ountry &luE value over 1,000 Text UBS to 72727 std msgdata rates may apply (veryone Zill receive a )R(( gift from UltimateBridalServices.com Bridal Show 7200 Woodhaven Road • Louisville, KY 40291 • 491-7112 Produced by UltimateBridalServices.com & Kenny Sauter's Masters of Music Sunday, March 16, 2014 • 12:00-3:00 p.m. Preregister at: UltimateBridalServices.com Preregistered Brides and *rooms are )R(( _ $ll other guest are .00 Wedding and Reception Giveaway 1-11.indd 10 2/20/14 2:36 PM

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