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"Generally," Jim says, "they 'blink' because something passes in front of them, dims them. Tere's one called Algol. It used to be called the demon star. Every three minutes it dims, then gets bright again. Ancient man noticed that, and thought that was not supposed to happen. Tey saw Algol as the star that forms the eye of Medusa in the constellation Perseus. So it's the ghoul star. If you were born when that was rising, you're going to meet the vampire. In London." "What's it called again?" says Ralph. "Algol. Like Al-goll," says Jim. "Oh, Al Goll," says Ralph. "He was almost president." Jim locates the easy-to-see Summer Triangle and the Summer Cross. Ten he sweeps his hand across the night sky, north to south. "All that huge blanket of stars, millions of them, that's the Milky Way," he says, pausing as all survey the heavens. "And we're in it." Tat's enough wonder for one night. Te boys call it quits and head for their bunks — as do the guys and gals on Martha's boat, somewhere else along the Milky Way of coves on Dale Hollow. But not all creatures are asleep. "One night I was sleeping on the fold-out couch and woke up when I heard something in the cabin," Martha says. "I swung my fashlight around the room, and there on the dining room table were a bunch of raccoons — sitting on the table eating a bag of Lay's potato chips! Big, fat ones reaching into that bag pulling out potato chips." Nervy raccoons will occasionally come across the lines that tie the boat to the shore, though they're more associated with Lake Cumberland. Obviously, that night, somebody forgot to latch the screen door. "Tey're diabolical," Martha says. "You see them on the shore in the daytime, making their plans for dining on your boat at night. Makes you want to lace those chips with hot sauce and light 'em up!" Te Card Game boys have a diferent solution. Tey're into prevention. Anytime a pack of raccitty coons are spotted on shore, they load up bottle rockets and blast 'em on to the next cove. "And don't come back!" Actually, a raccoon invasion is a rare event, and Saturday night slumbers are seldom interrupted. Which is a good thing, because houseboaters need their z's. Te next day is Sunday, and there's all kinds of swimming and diving to be done, plus sunning and card playing, and the Last Supper. Whew! So much to do. It's like work! www.nawbolouisvillefoundation.org www.kosair.org 8.13 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 43

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