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bit the z betting window What are the odds you'll like these August happenings? 1:1 Back to School Upside: Jefferson County Public Schools are Downside: Your daughter "forgot" to do the summer back in session Aug. 20. Your shift as summer tour director will fnally end. reading, huh? No sweat. Just hand her this magazine, for this recap: Gatsby dies in the end. And a boulder squashes poor Piggy. Unfortunately, we only made it through the frst 11 pages of Great Expectations. Bonnie "Prince" Billy Upside: Louisville's own Will Oldham, aka Downside: None that we can think of. Pretty Bonnie "Prince" Billy, will end his tour here with proceeds beneftting the Network Center for Community Change. Plus a spoken-word poet, hip-hop dancers and a church choir. Jane Walsh, who works for NC3, says, "When we're in west Louisville talking about education, Will is knocking on doors with us." awesome, BPB. Upside: The troupe will alternate between an Downside: Wait, your son's school assigned all-male and an all-female cast in a stage version of the Quentin Tarantino flm. "Anybody could rent the movie from Redbox," says Todd Zeigler, the Alley Theater's artistic director. "We want to add another layer onstage, make the audience ponder something new." Like what? "What's the old joke? Something like, 'Men think they're tough, but women have to squeeze an entire human out — so who are the real badasses?'" Jane Eyre as summer reading? Now that's a crime that deserves a punishment. Zing! Upside: Local stand-up comedian Raanan Downside: C'mon, Raanan, Seuss is a word Hershberg grew up loving Jurassic Park. Now he's 29. He recently saw the movie in 3D, wanting to recapture that sense of childhood wonderment. "I found myself bored," he says. "My show should really be called Bored Behind 3D Glasses." In his act, he revisits Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II, Dr. Seuss, The Wizard of Oz. "The question is, am I now too cynical to enjoy them or were they (expletive) to begin with?" Hershberg says. wizard. Upside: The Leadership Louisville Center, in Downside: … which'll surely get the NBA-to- ODDS-ON FAVORITE 2:1 Aug. 4, Kentucky Center's Bomhard Theater, $30 5:1 Reservoir Dogs Aug. 2-24, the Alley Theater, $17 11:2 Crying Behind 3D Glasses Aug. 23 & 24, the Bard's Town, $5 (advance) or $10 (day of) 11:1 LONGSHOT Leadership Louisville Luncheon conjunction with the Mayor's Offce, will host Oklahoma City's mayor, who'll surely talk about the success of his town's NBA team… Louisville delusion, err, debate started again. Aug. 29, the Galt House's east tower, $75 (individual) or $1,200 (sponsor a table of eight) — Josh Moss 14 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 8.13

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