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The Cookie-Off The whole thing started when this magazine's editor, Kane Webb, said that Chick-fl-A bakes the best chocolate chip cookie in Louisville. That sound you hear is the collective gasp that rose from our offce and is still reverberating toward the heavens. Only one thing to do: eat a bunch of chocolate chip cookies to determine a winner. In June, inside the Louisville Magazine Taste-Testing Lab, aka our conference room, eight of us gathered to feast. "It's like the Last Supper," Webb said. Added Suki Anderson, the magazine's art director, "We're breaking cookie together." Each of us scored every cookie from one to fve, half-points allowed. We gazed at the smorgasbord: Blue Dog Bakery, Chick-fl-A, Desserts by Helen, Heitzman Bakery, Please and Thank You, the Seelbach, home-baked Toll House and Wiltshire Bakery and Cafe. Comprehensive? Of course not. We each just brought in a favorite. And soon started to shout about which excited us the most. Then editorial assistant Mary Chellis Austin said, "What does all this commentary mean if we're not eating them?" (Note: the Seelbach cookie didn't make the photo because we only had one. And we destroyed the poor guy. The most common word used to describe it: "cakey.") — Josh Moss Chick-fl-A Wiltshire Bakery and Cafe "Can I say that I'm politically against the Chickfl-A cookie? My work is making me try it." — Anne Marshall, staff writer "It tastes like a liqueur. You've gotta be pretty confdent in your cookie-making skills to sell fve of them for four dollars." — Olivia Harlow, intern "That is a really good cookie." — Austin "It's hateful. It's the taste of hate I don't like." — Anderson Toll House "Don't hate the cookie, hate the owner." — Webb "The salt makes it." — Austin Heitzman Bakery "My father's verdict was that it's a nice crispy-soft ratio." — intern Shea Jennings, who baked the Toll House cookies "As a parent, this is the cookie I would buy in bulk and give to 10-year-olds at a birthday party." — Webb Desserts by Helen "I think Helen is cheating a bit by throwing some chocolate dip on there. I have to disqualify it." — Webb "That is a really sweet cookie." — Anderson The results: 1. Please and Thank You (4.5) 2. Blue Dog Bakery (4.31) 3. Chick-fl-A (3.89) 4. Toll House (3.69) 5. Desserts by Helen (2.81) 6. Wiltshire Bakery and Cafe (2.63) 7. The Seelbach (2.31) 8. Heitzman Bakery (.56) Please and Thank You "It's a little undercooked, but it's perfect. You can taste the sugar crunches." — Austin Blue Dog Bakery "It looks like an Impellizzeri's pizza. Look at those pecans!" — Jack Welch, senior editor "Oh, damn!" — Marshall "So much chocolate in every bite. This is a two-person cookie." — Webb. To which several people laughed. "This should be two cookies per person," Harlow said. Not everybody was jazzed about giving Please and Thank You more press. (Heck, comedian Marc Maron even blogged about how much he loved the place's chocolate chip cookie.) For good measure, we invited three others into the Louisville Magazine Taste-Testing Lab for a blind sampling. One preferred Blue Dog, another gave Please and Thank You a perfect score, and the third couldn't get enough Toll House. Now, who has some milk? 8.13 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 129

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