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mortons.com nanzkraft.com LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 8.19 27 Thanksgiving Social "ey used to put a big tent out here," Head says. "At one time we served, as I recall, 3,300 dinners a night." Getting in trouble In second grade, Hill fell afoul of the school dress code, which prohibit- ed girls from wearing can-can slips designed to poof out a skirt. "I got to school and (a nun) saw the skirt. She said, 'Miss Horsman, come up here!' So I went up there and she said, 'Pull up that skirt!' I'm going, what? 'Pull up your skirt!' I had to pull my skirt up in front of the whole class!" She was ordered to head to the coatroom and remove the slip. Discipline Until 1957, Catholics who wanted to take communion couldn't eat after midnight the night before, so Holy Name students who attended daily Mass before school were hungry after the service. Holy Name offered them sweet rolls from Moss's Bakery across the street at two for a nickel. A carton of milk was two cents. Tom Head's youngest brother, Har- old (1950-'58), says Catholic school kids didn't race around or chatter as they walked the halls. "At the end of the day, you would march out of the school in a procession. We would walk in the hallway and down the steps and then out onto the street," he says. Sister Mary Teresine "When we came to church marching in line, with noses behind each other, we sat in the pews on the right-hand side," Hill says. Sister Teresine had marked the back of each pew with a series of large black dots. "And your nose had to stay on that dot," Hill says. "You better not turn around while you were in church. And those marks are still there." The convent (left) and school slated for demolition.

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