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LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 7.19 79 Stark white and on the shy side of tasty, there's a reason only "home cooking" menus used to include cauliflower, mostly as a steamed side. But now, as a fried appetizer, it trends right alongside Brussels sprouts at many well-regarded eateries. The Craft House in Crescent Hill dusts its florets lightly in flour and peppery spices, fries them into crispy chunks and serves them in mini cast-iron skillets. Simple but delicious. Who knew 10 years ago that hot-oil crunch could bump up this veggie's flavor and turn it into a star? — Jack Welch Because What I Like About You Because it's too early to go home Because Dutch's and Maier's and White Castle and the Vogue are all closed Because cold beer and cheap wine Because Back in Black and Brown Eyed Girl Because the blurred black stamp on the back of my left hand says how late was I out last night Because it's better than CrossFit Because Jenny, Jenny and L-O-L-A, Lola Because the train rumbling past in the cool night air Because What I Like About You Because O Nervous Melvin playing in the fraternity house basement in 1983, take me there. — Lynnell Edwards For the past 18 years, Lonnie's Best Taste of Chicago, a small counter-ser- vice restaurant behind Trinity High School in St. Matthews, has had its Windy City pride on display. A Chicago flag hangs in the front window. Inside, one wall is dedicated to Michael Jordan. Bears memorabilia, Cubs memorabilia. Old photos of athletes and celebrities. The blue menu mounted on the wall behind the L-shaped counter shows pictures of classics like Italian beef, Polish sausage and, of course, hot dogs, each named for a different Chicago street. The Clark Street is the famous Chicago-style dog, cushioned between a steamed poppy seed bun and topped with diced onions, tomato slices, peppers, cucumbers, ne- on-green relish, an entire dill pickle spear, yellow mustard and a dash of celery salt. Sometimes, I swear I can hear my flight being called at O'Hare. — Katie Molck DANCING TO OLD MAN COVER BANDS AT GERSTLE'S Louisville friends have told me about this or that taqueria, in the hopes of helping me find the food I ate all too frequently when I lived in Oregon. (The burrito I once bought in the Mission District of San Francisco is permanently lodged in my memory.) Then someone mentioned Bandido near U of L's main campus. Hadn't seen a salsa bar like that in a long time. I ordered a carne asada burrito with a side of rice and refried beans topped with sprinkles of Cojita cheese. The California burrito, stuffed with French fries, reminds me of something I had for the first time on my last trip to the West Coast. — Sean Patrick Hill The appetizers at La Que entice me to brave the busy Bardstown Road-Baxter Avenue corridor at rush hour (a trip made more tolerable upon discovering La Que has a few parking spots in the back of the building). I typically forgo main dishes alto- gether and instead place a massive order of apps, including the pan-fried tofu served with lemongrass and peanut sauce, summer rolls with shrimp, "2-n-1" rolls (fried spring rolls and fresh basil wrapped in rice paper) and pan-fried dumplings. And though not technically a starter, the spicy string beans are a perfect way to round out a shared meal. — Sarah Kelley Copper & Kings Distillery is best known for its brandies and gins. But the company's non-alcoholic side hustle, Butchertown Soda Co., offers products that are equally interesting. (For non-drinkers like me, the usual Diet Coke and LaCroix options can get a little boring.) I'm kind of in love with Butchertown Soda Co.'s ginger beer. The first thing I noticed about it was its spiciness. Other fizzy, gingery drinks don't compare. The spice is balanced by a noticeable, but palatable, sweetness, and just a hint of lime rounds it out. It's cool and refreshing in the summer, but it's also warming in the winter. (Do I sound obsessed? A little? ) For the optimal ginger beer experience, I recommend enjoying one under the vine canopy on the patio at Vint on Frankfort Avenue. — Amy Talbott Every Wednesday, the All-Day Allay at Mr. Lee's Lounge in Germantown is the speakeasy's invitation to try one of six classic cocktails for $6. Sit with a friend at the bar and enjoy a daiquiri or a Sazerac. Or get a pour of the featured whiskey of the week for about $8 or $9. An ever- changing amuse-bouche pops the cork on your happy hour. Stay a little longer and enjoy additional specials while DJs spin until 2 a.m. — Michelle Eigenheer (MID)WEST COAST TAQUERIA APPETIZERS AT LA QUE BUTCHERTOWN SODA CO. BUFFALO CAULIFLOWER WEDNESDAYS AT MR. LEE'S WINDY/ RIVER CITY

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