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JUL 2019

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42 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 7.19 "One of my favorite things to do when I have a half-day free is to take a long bike ride that traverses our beautiful mix of urban, historic and natural settings. Within a two-hour span you can ride through our rapidly growing urban core, see a fascinating mix of residential architectural styles and experience a blend of inspiring Olmsted parks, Kentucky rolling hills and classic farmland. Bike through Louisville's West End, including the rapidly developing Portland neighborhood. Take gorgeous Northwestern Parkway to Shawnee Park. And make a pilgrimage to Muhammad Ali's childhood home. Stand outside the modest house and consider that one of the most influential and recognizable people of the previous century came from that very spot in the middle of our city." — Teddy Abrams, director of the Louisville Orchestra "U of L's main campus when students are gone for summer. I went to daycare in the basement of the law school, and some of my earliest memories are going to classes with my mom. It's so nice when it's quiet and you can walk around admiring all the architecture, all the creativity that has passed through that plot of land. When I graduated from U of L in 2007, I even wrote a love letter to the campus titled 'Belle.'" — Sara von Roenn, artist "Beckley Creek at the Parklands makes me feel alive. I go every time I want to recharge and have some time alone. It has amazing views of the city, and the lake is right beside the walking trail." — Paco Garcia, executive chef at Con Huevos "Cycling the Louisville Loop through Broad Run Park. Today I rode from mile marker 55 to 58 and saw vistas, poppy fields, woodland gardens, a limestone gorge tumbling hundreds of feet below a bridge. Enough hills to challenge the average cycler, with the reward of coasting down smooth paved paths. Breezy shade and bright sun alternate as you glide. Heaven on two wheels." — reader Michelle Lori "Sundays at Cox Park with lawn chairs and a picnic basket and just an amazing view of the Ohio River. The park on River Road has always been a staple in my family. It was like going out of town when we were younger because we were from Newburg." — Tia Coatley, ARTxFM radio personality (as Tia Marie) "Best place to run six miles early in the morning with a risk of being mowed over by a group of deer: the Parklands at Beckley Station." — Bland Matthews, founder of BerserkerBrew coffee "Robinson Park in Lyndon and Thurman Hutchins Park on River Road. Long, flat, paved walkways — especially helpful if you have a youngster learning to ride a bike." — Skylar Smith, artist "Reflections of the bridges on the Ohio River on my morning drive in from New Albany." — Sabine Beate, co-owner of the Inner Warrior yoga studio

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