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LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 5.19 77 La Bonita Tienda Mexicana I've come to a little strip mall in Clifton for a whole roasted chicken. Unfortunately, La Bonita isn't serving them anymore. A man steps out from behind the counter and over to our table to tell us that the woman responsible for the roasted chicken is in Mexico now, but that he plans on calling her up for the recipe. Fortunately, though, the restaurant attached to a Mexican grocery will serve us just about anything else. "If there's anything you've seen somewhere — taco salad, chimichangas — we can make it for you," the guy says. But off-menu ordering is unnecessary. The chicken tacos on corn tortillas and the gordita — strips of beef stuffed into a tortilla pouch — make me forget all about those chickens. For the spice freaks out there, the attached grocery offers any kind of dried pepper you could imagine. Oh, and more perks are coming. "We're going to add a bar so we can all get drunk and naked," the guy says, blushing a little at his own joke. 1999 Brownsboro Road — DJ Flavour "Beef patties" are far tastier than they sound. The savory pastry, a popular island street snack, is filled with Caribbean-spiced beef or chicken, then baked to a golden brown. During a weeklong trip to Jamaica last year, my husband feasted almost daily on the dish (he was partial to the Tastee Patties brand), and he says Flavour's version is a close match. I look forward to returning to the patio (in what was previously Asiatique, in the Highlands) for a little island escape — complete with jerk chicken and Red Stripe — just a few minutes from home. 1767 Bardstown Road — SK Louie's Hot Chicken and Barbecue Behind the ordering counter, through a door leading to the kitchen, I spy a cook scooping a red-orange powder from a container. "We have all kinds of powder back there," says the young man taking my order. "Ghost pepper, Carolina Reaper." "I'll go with plain-old 'hot.' Will it kill me?" He answers with a real-life version of the shoulder-shrug emoji. Louie's occupies the corner of a prefab strip that also houses a hair salon called Blown Away, near where Poplar Level Road meets the Watterson. The picnic tables in the parking lot offer a view of the baseball diamond at Taylor Memorial Park, but I instead sit inside and face the wall, so I can eat my fried chicken in privacy, like some sort of feral animal protecting its kill. The skin crunches. Syrup- sweet, heat lurking. "Not too spicy," I say. "Next time ask for scorpion pepper," says the guy behind the counter. 4222 Poplar Level Road — JM Farm to Fork Farm to Fork, the catering business-turned-cafe in Portland, is part meeting place. On a Wednesday afternoon, five women celebrate a birthday over roast beef sandwiches with fresh pickled veggies and creamy-but-not-goopy potato salad. Notes from a recent Portland neighborhood meeting are piled in the back next to a gallery of works by Portland artists. Already a staple in the neighborhood, owner Sherry Hurley-Magnuson says hello to a man in line, handing him a poster-sized neighborhood map that he left after a recent meeting. "It was divine intervention," he says. "Now I get to eat lunch here." 2425 Portland Ave. — JK

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