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MAY 2019

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blessingsinabackpack.org LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 5.19 15 Illustration by Shae Goodlett Sometimes I put instant coffee in my cookies. Mickie Winters Photographer I would never have gone skinny with my morn- ing coffee were it not for a sister-in-law with a frothing wand and a half-gallon of skim who showed me the "lite" a few years back. Here's the surprise: Heated non-fat milk, stirred into your java and whipped to a satisfying foam on top, deactivates some of the coffee's natural bitterness without intruding on its rich flavors. Whole milk and cream want to share the spotlight with the main player; skim is like the bassist you rarely notice until you realize how much more he's bringing out of the pianist. That's my morning duo: ground beans and skim. Bruce Allar Contributing writer When I lived in South Africa, a common pizza topping was banana and pickle. I was at first repulsed, then curious and finally converted. Matthew Barzun Publisher My roommate and I mix mac and cheese with baked beans. Absolutely no illicit substances involved. Dylon Jones Staff writer As I mature, my love of bitter and sour foods matures. Everything needs more tang, and there is no condiment on the market better than homemade lemon-Parmesan spread — lemon zest, lemon juice, mayo, shallots and Parmesan. Lands on every sandwich and most potatoes. Suki Anderson Art director PTKD: post-traumatic ketchup disorder. I am not a picky eater, but I find ketchup so repul- sive. I was born feeling this way. I can't bear the smell of it, the look of it, anything. If there's a bottle of ketchup on the table, I'll put some barrier in front of it so I don't have to see it. I once sat across from a person whose breast landed in the ketchup on her plate, giving her a big red bull's-eye on her nipple. I had to excuse myself from the table. I still gag thinking about it, 30 years later. Jenni Laidman Contributing writer Peanut-butter sandwich dipped in chili was an old grade-school lunch tradition. I still do it. Yummo! Emily Douglas Advertising account executive

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