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liveinlou.com 14 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 5.19 INTER-OFFICE MEMO Have any food quirks? Cottage cheese scooped up with Lay's potato chips is my favorite snack. I loved cottage cheese so much as a kid that I named a stuffed animal after it. Still love it, just...a little less. Taylor Killough Contributing writer I hate eating in low light. I want to be able to see my food. I put garlic and onion in almost everything I cook, so much so that I got tattoos of onion and garlic. I have a serious aversion to pickles. I'll be a child about it and throw a fit if my food accidentally contains pickles. I blame it on my childhood friends, who used to throw pickles at me because they knew I hated them. Lindsay Flint Advertising production coordinator I refuse to actually read recipes while cooking. I skim the steps, eye the ingredients and dive in. Inevitably, I end up with garlic that's minced instead of smashed or a zucchini cut into rounds instead of strips. It drives my fiancé crazy. I also refuse to measure spices. I like to think I have an instinct for seasoning. Emphasis on think. Alexandra Winters Digital media manager I used to peel the skins off grapes before I ate them as a kid. I've since matured. I prefer grapes in wine form now. Katie Molck Contributing writer About once a week at my house we have "chain salad" night. As in, you could find a version of this heaping collection of greens, nuts, cheese, cherry tomatoes and assorted vegetables on the menu of any chain restau- rant: Applebee's, Cheesecake Factory, Chili's. Sometimes we get European with it and opt for feta and dried cranberries or sliced pear. But I think even McDonald's does that now. Wendy's, too. Applebee's, I'd bet money on it. Anne Marshall Senior writer Sometimes I cut a pat of butter and bite into it like it's a piece of cheese. Mary Chellis Nelson Managing editor

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