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MAR 2019

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88 LOUISVILLE MAGAZINE 3.19 "I don't believe that there are outside forces and outside resources that are going to come and save us. It's counterproductive for us to continue to put so much energy into pursuing people, resources, agencies, businesses and leaders from outside this community. e solutions to improve west Louisville are ultimately going to come from the people who live in west Louisville. We go into our households and we close the doors and watch television and engage with our own families. We don't function as neighbors anymore. I sincerely believe that the solutions we seek are going to come from us breaking those silos that we live in and doing more to support one another. When I think about all these murders in our communities and these young boys killing other young boys — these are people, by and large, that don't have fathers in their lives and don't have parents that are highly engaged. I think that solutions to helping them improve their lives are going to come from people who complain when they sit down on their couches and watch the news and say that somebody must do something. Well, they are the somebodies that must do something." "I've been here for 32 years. My granny bought the house we're living in right now. She bought it for $20,000 at the time and put in $60,000 in updates. She passed away, but it's not fair for my granny's property to look this good and you've got this abandoned house right next door to it. You gotta pay the damn exterminator all this money to keep the mice from getting in. Or someone could be sleeping in there and burn it up and then your house is burned up. I'm fortunate enough to not have that next door to me; I couldn't imagine it. It bothers me when I'm riding past these abandoned houses and people just drop trash out of their windows. ey don't do that out there by the mall or in Indiana. ey do that in the west. It's sickening and it makes me mad. My daughter's five. I don't want her riding around and seeing this. e new development is good. We need something nice." Raesean, Parkland DeVone, Parkland WE

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